• Supported Learning

    Connect to Enterprise

  • SCQF Level

    Level 2

  • Attendance/Duration

    Full-time, one year

  • Start Date

    Aug 2021

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This course is for young people who have recently left school and other learners who may have been out of education recently. It’s specifically for students who might find the pace and timetabling of other college courses very difficult to maintain without additional support. It offers students a high level of support and nurturing, while creating independence. This course meets the needs of applicants who have a learning disability and/or are on the Autistic Spectrum.

Students come to college 3 days a week and will achieve a qualification at SCQF Level 2.

What's Involved

This course focuses on helping students become more enterprising and independent in their learning, life and work. It helps them make the transition from school and become familiar with college life.

The emphasis is on practical skills, rather than academic progress (like Connect to Learning), and students will have a good level of choice within a supported environment.

Here’s just some of what students will be doing:

  • Learning basic life skills such as cookery, including how to be safe in the kitchen and healthy eating.
  • Learning how to manage their own money, including going into town with a budget and list of items to purchase.
  • Developing enterprise skills and learning how to use money to make money. This might include a real life project like running a stationery shop on campus.
  • Developing their creative skills and making/selling items such as cards or Christmas decorations for a charity project.
  • Taking part in drama performances to help build confidence and social skills.
  • Discovering global citizenship and developing an awareness of what’s happening in other countries and other people’s lives.
  • Practising making journeys on public transport.
  • You’ll build transferable Essential Skills in meaningful contexts to help you become more effective in life, learning, and work. This could be communication, numeracy, ICT, working with others, and problem solving.

In everything they do, students will be developing their core skills like communication and numeracy.

Go Anywhere

On successful completion of this course, students can consolidate their learning with a range of full time and part time courses within our supportive environment:

Full time (3 days/18 hours per week):

  • Connect to Learning (Level 2)
  • Connect to Careers (Level 3)

Part time Level 2 course (6 hours per week):

  • Connect to Community: Eco
  • Connect to Community: Creativity
  • Connect to Community: Fit For Life
  • Connect to Community: Moving on

Students can choose one of these part time courses per year.

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Start Date

Aug 2021

Places available



Start Date

Aug 2021

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