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    Customer Complaint Handling

  • Attendance/Duration

    Delivery Method: Face to Face delivery

    Course Duration: 6 hours (1 day)

  • Cost

    For further information on course dates and prices please email businessgrowth@ayrshire.ac.uk

Whats Involved

This course is designed to improve the skills of anyone who receives and resolves customer complaints. The course will look at complaint handling within a wide range of mediums, including social media and face-to-face situations. It is an ideal course for attendees from all industry sectors and all levels of experience and will provide skills that are invaluable in a wide variety of roles.

Course Content:

  • Analysis of the reasons for complaints
  • Complaints resolution process
  • The power of positive engagement & customer reviews
  • Complaint Resolution – Going the Extra Mile
  • Root cause analysis & problem solving
  • Recording and Monitoring

Funding and Fees

For further information please email businessgrowth@ayrshire.ac.uk


For further information please email businessgrowth@ayrshire.ac.uk

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