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    Effective Meetings

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    Delivery Method: Mixed. A blend of live tutorials and self-directed learning.

    Course Duration: Approx. 6 hours including 2 x 1.5 hour live tutorials

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    For further information on cost please email businessgrowth@ayrshire.ac.uk

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Whats involved

This course is designed to tackle the problem of ineffective meetings. Participants will learn how to design a meeting structure which best meets the needs of the organisation. By exploring good practice and benchmarking meeting etiquette against other organisations we will examine areas for possible improvement.

Course Content:

  • Setting clear objectives within meetings
  • Audience awareness & relevance
  • Key roles within meetings
  • Aligning meeting format to purpose
  • Innovative ways of meeting to increase engagement & output
  • Digital technologies to enhance meetings
  • Post-meeting outcome monitoring and progression
  • Through the use of emotional intelligence & stakeholder analysis, attendees will gain awareness of the importance of assessing their audience prior to inviting them to attend a meeting. Attendees will also gain knowledge of the key roles within a meeting and a variety of ways of holding and controlling a meeting. Individuals will gain an increased knowledge of a range of the latest meeting technologies and audience engagement tools, as well as a range of tools that they can utilise to progress outcomes from meetings.

    Certification: Ayrshire College Certificate

    Funding and Fees

    For further information on funding please email businessgrowth@ayrshire.ac.uk


    For further information please email businessgrowth@ayrshire.ac.uk

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