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    Improving Productivity Programme

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What's Involved?

Productivity is a key focus for many organisations, and improvement should be a continuous focus. This course serves as a fantastic opportunity to identify areas for improvement, create improvement strategies, and learn more about the tools and methodologies that can be implemented when seeking to improve productivity.

Course Content

Day 1: Productivity- Current state & identification of opportunities

  • Mapping current processes and procedures
  • Tools and Techniques for identifying improvement opportunities
  • Waste reduction & elimination

Day 2: Improvement strategies and methodologies

  • Managing change in the workplace effectively
  • Utilising DMAIC as an improvement framework
  • Evaluation of impact of improvement initiatives
  • Communication & Implementation planning

Day 3: Tools for enhancing productivity

  • Creativity & Innovation- how these can be stimulated and captured to enhance organisational productivity
  • Problem Solving & Optimised decision making
  • Utilising technology and applications to enhance productivity
  • Managing & Sustaining momentum within improvement projects
  • Review of progress and future planning

Upon completion of this course attendees will have increased knowledge and skills in a wide range of techniques and tools that can be utilised to enhance organisational productivity. In addition to this, attendees will gain increased knowledge of tools that can be utilised on an individual basis, and be provided with a clear framework for managing improvement projects, and methods for reviewing progress and setting future improvement objectives.

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25 May 2023

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