• Social Science

    Introduction to Social Sciences

  • SCQF Level

    Level 5

  • Attendance/Duration

    Thursday, 6pm - 8pm

  • Start Date

    Sep 2022

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Studying social sciences provides us with an understanding of the real world around us. As we learn about places, cultures, and events around the world, we develop a better understanding of the world we live, globally, nationally, and locally. We learn what led societies to develop the way they are today, how they function today and what the future may hold. Social Sciences will challenge you to question often taken for granted assumptions and explanations of how and why societies work the way they do.

This course is designed to introduce you to some of the key disciplines within the Social Sciences and the various areas of society and human behaviour they study and attempt to help us make sense of. You will be introduced to these fascinating subjects as we look at the world we live in, how it works, how we got here and what we may see in the future.

What's Involved

• You will learn about the various social sciences - History, Politics, Sociology, Psychology, Criminology, Anthropology, Philosophy… and more).
• You will explore the ways in which these disciplines attempt to explain our world and the ways they can complement and contradict one another.
• As you develop your knowledge of these areas they will be applied to real world examples to help us understand the important role that the social sciences plays in our modern world.

• An interest in developing your knowledge of the world we live in.
• A desire to explore concepts, theories, research, and real world events within these areas.

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You may progress to:
On successful completion of the course you may wish to apply for NC Higher Social Sciences or HNC Social Science (depending on other qualifications).

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Start Date

Sep 2022

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