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    Leading Remote Teams

  • Attendance/Duration

    Course Duration: 6 hours total. 2 x 2 hour live delivery sessions, 2 hours self-directed activity.

    Delivery Method: Delivered on Microsoft Teams by Digital and Leadership Trainers.

  • Cost

    For further information on cost please email businessgrowth@ayrshire.ac.uk

Whats Involved

This course is a fantastic introduction to Remote Leadership at any level and will provide attendees with the key skills required for successful leadership of remote teams. Leadership Principles and Practices will be augmented by the integration of practical applications within the Microsoft Teams platform, along with other applications and software platforms to support effective remote team leadership skills.

The course focuses on four key areas of Effective Team Leadership; Communication, Productivity, Accountability and Motivation, and at each stage is fully complimented by the application of technology that help enable these key metrics to be delivered and sustained in a remote environment.

Course Content:

  • Effective Communications are the key to success
  • Creating Channels of Communication on Teams: Channels and Chat functions
  • Optimising Productivity in Remote Teams
  • Managing notifications and utilising Microsoft Planner and other apps to achieve maximum productivity
  • Creating and sustaining Accountability in Remote Teams
  • Accountability Tools for High Performing Teams: Microsoft Planner & Meeting Notes
  • Motivation and Sustaining Momentum in Remote Teams
  • Motivating Remote Teams within Microsoft Teams: Praise, Social Channels and Social Applications

By the end of this course attendees will have gained increased knowledge of the skills required for effective remote leadership, as well as a comprehensive range of practical experiences within the technology platforms that support effective remote leadership.

Attendees will also benefit from live access to our Leadership and Digital trainers during the course, and from a range of take-away activities available after course completion.

Certification: Ayrshire College Certificate

Funding and Fees

This course may be eligible for ITA Funding. However, this fund is currently closed. To keep up to date on the ITA fund please visit the SDS My World of Work website by clicking here


For further information please email businessgrowth@ayrshire.ac.uk

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