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    Microsoft Excel - Data Analysis for Beginners

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    1 Day (9:30am - 4:00pm) ONLINE

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What's Involved?

This one-day course will introduce attendees to a number of ways of interpretating data using the features of Excel. You will explore a range of data analysis functions that can be used to extrapolate meaningful information from a large data set. The course will begin by introducing functions that are useful to clean data sets prior to manipulation. Our tutor will explore a range of functions and tools that exist within Excel to assist in the collection of meaningful information.

This course is suitable for those with an intermediate level knowledge of Excel. It is not suitable for those at a beginner level of Excel.

The course is suitable for those using Microsoft Office 2016 or above.

Please note you must have the following set up to progress with this course;

  • The latest version of Windows
  • Microsoft Office 2016 or above
  • Microsoft Teams
  • A working webcam
  • A working microphone

Course Content

  • Discover ways to clean and transform data prior to analysis
  • Learn how to highlight information with Conditional Formatting
  • Use a range of functions to extract meaningful information
  • Become familiar with useful methods of summarising and analysing large data sets
  • Explore ways in which you can filter data to extract information

On completion of this course participants will be aware of some ways in which they can use Excel tools to better understand the key information contained within a data set. This will help inform decision making within the organisation.

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Start Date

30 May 2023

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