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    Microsoft Outlook for Productivity

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    Delivery Method: Face to Face delivery

    Course Duration: 6 hours (1 day)

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Whats Involved

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager which includes email, calendar, contacts and tasks. Managing your time can be made easier by making the most of these Outlook features. This course is suitable for those already using Outlook in their work and is not for beginners. A personal Outlook account is not required on the day.

Course Content:


  • Manage time effectively using various options including Quick Steps and rules
  • Search email using advanced techniques
  • Contacts:

    • Create and manage contact groups
    • Customise views
    • Share and forward contacts


    • Create tasks from email and calendar items
    • Assign and track tasks


    • Block off non-free times on the calendar
    • Use the Scheduling Assistant
    • Share a calendar and set permissions
    • Use categories and reminders to manage meetings and appointments

    Participants will learn how to prioritise and manage their workload by utilising Outlook’s features effectively, plan ahead of time and control interruptions and emails.

    Using rules and folders will help them organise messages that don’t need to be read right away and file them for follow-up. Categories help to group similar tasks together and organising the to-do list will help manage urgent tasks more effectively.

    The first step in becoming more productive in the use of Outlook is to customise its many views and options to suit working habits. Outlook contains a multitude of actions and functions to help sort, file and respond to messages efficiently.

    Funding and Fees

    For further information please email businessgrowth@ayrshire.ac.uk


    For further information please email businessgrowth@ayrshire.ac.uk

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