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    Motivation and Team Building

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    Delivery Method: Mixed Delivery - Live lecturer sessions plus candidates own work time.

    Course Duration: Total 6 hours (4 x 1.5 hour sessions). Self-directed activities and 10-30 mins Zoom discussion/teacher-guided learning time per session.

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    For further information on cost please email businessgrowth@ayrshire.ac.uk

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Whats Involved

This course focuses on the interpersonal skills required to bring teams together and move forward as one. With a clear focus on increasing motivation and productivity through collaborative working, this course is ideal for those who are faced with these challenges.

Course Content:

  • What is motivation?
  • Types of motivation
  • Interpersonal skills for motivating teams
  • Identifying indicators of employee motivation
  • Common motivators and de-motivators in the workplace
  • Apply motivation theories to common workplace scenarios
  • Developing your motivational leadership skills
  • Energising your team

By the end of this course, attendees will have increased knowledge of the ways in which they can enhance team working through motivation and collaborative working. Attendees will also gain insight into the different roles that are required within a high-performing team, and the key role that team leaders play in turning groups into teams. Further to this, those who attend will also gain awareness of tools that can be employed when a boost in motivation is the desired outcome.

Certification: Ayrshire College Certificate

Funding and Fees

For further information on funding please email businessgrowth@ayrshire.ac.uk


For further information please email businessgrowth@ayrshire.ac.uk

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