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    NAISI - Sales and Negotiation Skills

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    1 Day (9:30am - 4:00pm) ONLINE

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    Please note: This course is only available to residents and business/organisations based on Isle of Arran (KA27 Postcode) or Isle of Cumbrae (KA28 Postcode)

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North Ayrshire ISLANDS Skills Initiative (NAISI)

The North Ayrshire ISLANDS Skills Initiative (NAISI) aims to support our islands in addressing education and skills challenges through increasing opportunities for education and skills provision, through work-based learning pathways and to trial new approaches that respond to local skills requirements for jobs on Arran and Cumbrae.

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What's Involved?

Negotiation and sales skills are key skill for all individuals within an organisation. From sales to management, the ability to negotiate & sell effectively will deliver real rewards in terms of employee buy-in and output. This course is perfect for those looking to enhance their sales and negotiating skills and will cover a wide range of scenarios and applications.

Course Content

  • Preparing for negotiations & sales interactions
  • Building relationships with stakeholders and prospective clients
  • Eliciting information effectively - needs identification - wish, want & walk away points
  • Holding your ground: assertive, not aggressive
  • Maintaining flexibility in sales and negotiations
  • Anticipating & Overcoming objections
  • Asking for the sale and closing the deal

By the end of this course attendees will be able to demonstrate increased skills in understanding the needs of other parties and how to use this understanding to best advantage in the workplace. Attendees will also have increased knowledge of techniques that can be used to conclude sales & negotiations in their favour and understand the importance of being flexible and understanding the needs of others. Other benefits will include increased confidence in ability to negotiate and close sales effectively and successfully eliciting information from other parties.

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29 Mar 2023

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