• Social Science

    NPA Criminology (Level 5)

  • Local Authority

    North Ayrshire

  • SCQF Level

    Level 5
  • Start Date

    Aug 2023


Kilwinning Campus 
Tuesday and Thursday 
2:00 – 4:00

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at learners who wish to develop their knowledge of the fascinating discipline of Criminology. 

This course offers you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills while you learn about the various areas that Criminologists explore. 

NB The nature of criminology is challenging and includes sensitive topics such as domestic violence and sexual abuse. All applicants need to consider this when applying for the course. 

What is this course about?

You will study the early origins of Criminology as a discipline, from early claims of witchcraft, or the belief criminals were physically different from others, to modern Sociological and Psychological explanations. You will develop an understanding of the different types of physical evidence available at a crime scene and how this evidence is gathered and utilised. Using famous cases, you will develop an understanding of forensic psychology and profiling. 

You will develop an understanding of the different types of crimes that are committed in the local community. In addition, this course will introduce you to the different ways that members of the community perceive crime and the role of the mass media in perceptions of crime. You will also learn about the various measures introduced to tackle crime and whether they are helping or hindering the community. 

What are the entry requirements?

An interest in Criminology, the nature of crime and theories of its causes and solutions. 

Students should have a National 4 in English and or a social subject (pass at B) 

How will I be Assessed?

Assessment is continuous throughout the course and consists of open-book and closed-book assessments. 

What should I expect?

You should expect this course to be interesting and stimulating and to be able to build on your knowledge and evaluative skills when considering criminological theory and research evidence. You should expect to commit to this course fully for success and achievement. Assessment arrangements will include some open and closed book work, and some portfolio work. This course will develop your digital skills through alternative assessment methods using digital presentation and a varied approach to learning and teaching from our subject specialists 

Next Steps

On successful completion of the course, you may wish to apply for NPA Criminology Level 6, NC Social Science, NC Higher Social Sciences or HNC Social Science (depending on other qualifications).  

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Start Date

Aug 2023

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