• Photography and Media

    Photography Studio Skills

  • Eligible Schools

    East, North and South Ayrshire schools

  • Location/Day/Time

    Ayr Campus

    Tuesday and Thursday

    2.00 - 4.00

Who is the course for?

Higher Photography students with a view to taking their studies further and pursuing a career in Photography.

What is the Course about?

In addition to Higher Photography the main purpose of this course is to provide you with the studio experience that you will need to take you forward to further study or commercial Photography.

You’ll be designing light set-ups and putting them to use, preparing subjects and controlling every aspect of the shoot, not just the camera. The units included are: 

  • Photography: Basic Camera Techniques (F8KH 12)
  • Studio Photography: An Introduction (FR2D 12)
  • Photography: Portraiture Skills (F51P 12)

You will also gain some experience in digital post-production techniques and organisation in the unit:

  • Digital Photography: Workflow and Creative Manipulation (FR2H 12)

This course is essential if you are serious about continuing your studies, and potentially building a career, in Photography.

What do i need?

Preferably you will be sitting or achieved your Higher Photography at the time of completing the course. If you have your own camera equipment this would be an advantage but not essential.

If you have a keen interest in Photography your application would be considered. Other than that, a good eye and desire to stick lovely things in front of it.

How will i be assessed?

Project based, continuous assessment.

Next Steps?

From here you could apply to University Photography degree courses around the country or better still join us full time to study HNC and on into HND.

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