Prince's Trust - June

  • SCQF Level

    Level 4

  • Attendance/Duration

    Short Full time

    5 days per week

    06/06/2022 - 26/08/2022

  • Start Date

    Jun 2022

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Our Programme

The Programme runs for 12 weeks, and will be a blended learning course, with a maximum of 15 people on each team. We aim to enable young people to develop personal skills, such as confidence, communication skills, tolerance, team working, and motivation to develop positive relationships with peers.

The Prince’s Trust is a nationally recognised programme that aims to help youngsters throughout the whole of the UK.

Why join the Prince’s Trust?

• Gain Team working Experience
• Gain Skills for Work
• Life Skills
• Completed Units which lead to a Group Award (SCQF Level 3, 4 or 5)
• A chance to develop personal skills
• Have lots of fun!
• It’s free to join and you won’t lose your benefits
• We provide your Travel Expenses & Lunch money

Students on the Prince's Trust Team Programme may be eligible for bursary or EMA (Educational Maintenance Allowance) funding. The funding team within the college will be able to provide further details


The Student Funding Team are based on each main campus and are there to offer you advice and assistance on any aspect of student support funding which includes Bursary, Education Maintenance Allowance, Childcare and Discretionary Funding.

Ayr Campus - studentfunding_ayr@ayrshire.ac.uk
Kilmarnock Campus - studentfunding_kilmarnock@ayrshire.ac.uk
Kilwinning Campus - studentfunding_kilwinning@ayrshire.ac.uk

Telephone Number: 01563 495033

What's Involved

Are you at a point in your life where you don’t know where you are heading?

Come along and join us!

Course Content

Week 1
Induction week, get to know the team, ice-breakers, discuss what you want from the course

Week 2 and 3

Team building activities
Life Skills
Money Management Workshops

Weeks 4 to 6
Community Project - planning and doing

Week 7 and 8
Personal Project - planning and doing

Week 9
Next Steps

Weeks 10
Career Planning

Week 11 and 12
Review and Presentation - planning and doing

Course Content, Week 1 - 8

Lifeskills/Money Management

You will take part in a 4-session workshop, this course is certificated and covers all aspects of Money Management including borrowing, saving and much more. During this week you will also begin looking at personal development.

Community Project

The community project should always benefit the local community. Each team choose their own project and before doing this they:

• Gather Team Ideas
• Decide on a Project
• Source Materials as needed
• Budget & Raise funds
• Carry out their project

In the past community projects have ranged from upgrading gardens for local nursing homes and nurseries to painting various premises, however this may be an online activity such as an information video or a socially distanced fundraiser due to the current Covid-19 restrictions. This allows you to develop skills where working with others is important.

Personal Project

Each student will plan, research, and create a personal project relevant to their own interests. This allows you to develop skills where working and using your own initiative is important.

Course Content, Week 9 - 12

Next Steps

This week will be a chance for the Team to take part in online workshops to help create or update a CV, how to complete application forms and create a cover letter for a job and take part in mock job interviews. They will discuss plans i.e.

• Employment
• Further Education (College/University)
• Continue volunteering.

Online employer/work tours from outside organisations are arranged for this week.

Team Challenge

The Team Challenge is when the Team take on a final challenge that really stretches them. This can involve working with other teams to produce a video to be shown during the final presentation.

Participants have 1-week to complete the team challenge and planning before the event is essential. The Team must:

• Gather Ideas for activity and client group
• Decide on a theme
• Source Materials
• Budget and Fund Raise for the event
• Carry out the Challenge
• Review the challenge

Final Week Review and Presentation

The young people review the whole 12-weeks and deliver a small presentation to friends, family, local organisations, work placement providers and possible new recruits, to share with them their experiences and achievements gained from joining the Prince’s Trust. Before they do this, they must:

• Discuss Ideas
• Choose a presentation theme
• Create and distribute invitations
• Arrange any catering required
• Complete a Programme and Presentation Booklet

At the presentation for completing the course successfully, the young people will be given their certificate of completion and their Team Leader Award electronically.

Go Anywhere

Individual Learning Records (ILR’s)

Throughout the course, young people work through a logbook every week.

These skills can be gained at SCQF Level 3 or 4. Young people work on and improve these skills throughout the programme and gather naturally occurring evidence to back up their logbook work.

Evidence is gathered in the form of video footage, photographs, flipcharts, phone logs, letters etc. The young people will generate two types of evidence - team and individual evidence.

Throughout the programme the change in a young person can be fantastic, shy individuals on day 1 usually leave on the last day of week 12, confident, motivated and ready to go back to work or college and get their life on track! Each individual carries a success story of their own which proves they have gained experience and confidence from the course. This enables them to achieve their goals.

Once you’ve successfully completed the Prince’s Trust Team Programme, you can choose to:

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Start Date

Jun 2022

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Start Date

Jun 2022

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