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    REHIS Food Allergy Awareness

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    Course Duration: 4 hours

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Whats Involved

Allergy Awareness course which is jointly awarded by REHIS and Allergy Action. The course can be tailored for hotels and restaurants, schools and colleges, nurseries and childcare, and care homes.

Course Content:

  • The needs of people with allergies, intolerances and coeliac disease and the challenges of choosing suitable food in various contexts
  • Foods most likely to cause reactions
  • Understanding related conditions
  • Needs of particular groups; babies, young children, teenagers and older people
  • How to choose, prepare and serve suitable food for somebody with a food allergy, coeliac disease or intolerance
  • Understanding environmental allergy risks in the workplace
  • To understand about related conditions such as asthma, eczema and allergic rhinitis (e.g. to pollens, cats, dogs etc)

Aim of the course would be to protect increasing numbers of people with allergies, focusing particularly on food allergies, by providing those responsible for their care and their food with information and skills.

Certification: REHIS Food Allergy Awareness Certificate

Funding and Fees

For further information please email businessgrowth@ayrshire.ac.uk


For further information please email businessgrowth@ayrshire.ac.uk

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