• Early Years

    SFW Early Education and Childcare (Greenwood Academy)

  • Eligible Schools:

    Greenwood Academy pupils

    This course is for school pupils only

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  • Location/Day/Time

    Greenwood Academy

    Tuesday/Thursday 2pm-4pm

    1 Year

    Please note the apply button will state Kilwinning Campus.

  • Start Date

    Aug 2021

Who is the Course for

The course is designed as an introduction to Early Education and Childcare at Level 5 and gives you an understanding of the demands and responsibilities of working in the sector. It also provides suitable progression if you have studied the Level 4 Early Education and Childcare course.

What is the Course About

National 5 Skills for Work: Early Education and Childcare is an introductory qualification that develops the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for working within the sector, including:

  •  an understanding of the workplace and your responsibilities (e.g. time-keeping, appearance)
  •  self-evaluation skills
  •  positive attitude to learning
  •  flexible approaches to solving problems
  •  adaptability and positive attitude to change
  •  confidence to set goals, reflect and learn from experience
  •  skills to become effective job-seekers and employees

You will study four Units and these are:-

  •  Child Development and Health
  •  Play in Early Education and Childcare
  •  Working in Early Education and Childcare
  •  Care and Feeding of Children

What do I Need

Ideally you should be working towards National 5. There will be an interview and you need, to show that you want to learn new skills, have a real interest in the area and that you are committed to consistent and full attendance throughout the course.

How will I be Assessed

The assessments used in this Course will allow you to demonstrate a competence in key knowledge, skills and attitudes required in early education and childcare sector. Assessment approaches will include closed book and project based activities.

Next Steps

This Course may provide you with opportunities to progress to:-

  •  National Certificate Group Award in Early Education and Childcare (Higher)

What do current students say

I learned a lot about early education last year on the level 4 course but we've built on that a lot this year and I'm really sure this the area I'd like to work in. It's been great studying at college this year. I'm coming to do Early Education fulltime next year and being here, getting to know the lecturers and the building has made me a lot more confident about coming to college next year.

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Start Date

Aug 2021

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