• Health and Social Care

    Skills for Work Higher Health and Social Care (Prestwick Academy)

  • Eligible Schools

    Prestwick Academy

    This course is for school pupils only

  • Location / Day / Time

    Ayr Campus

    Tuesday and Thursday

    2:00 - 4:45

    From June 2023


One year

Who is the course for

This course is for school pupils in S5 and S6 who have an interest in pursuing a career in health and social care. As a compliment to the wider school curriculum, it will develop knowledge and skills that will provide a good foundation for entering a wide range of occupational roles and degree level courses within the health and social are sectors.

What is the course about

Learners will explore human development and psychological theories that will give them insight into why people behave as they do, and they’ll learn to apply that knowledge to real or simulated life experiences. Their understanding of self-concept, self-esteem and stress will become useful for themselves and/or their interactions with others. 

Learners will develop a sound knowledge of the values that underpin health and social care, and the standards workers should meet. They will learn how to apply these standards when assessing a person’s needs and strengths and producing a plan of care.

 Learners will become familiar with health, safety and protection issues in health and social are settings. They’ll be able to identify typical hazards and risks and complete a risk assessment. They’ll explore approaches to managing aggressive behaviour and how to respond to service users who have experienced trauma. 

Learners will enhance their investigation skills as they develop knowledge and understanding of different types of health and social care provision and the occupational roles within it.

 The learner’s self-awareness will improve as they progress through the course. They will become more work ready and confident about career choices as they explore their strengths and weaknesses, produce CVs and participate in interviews.

What do I need

Must have achieved National 5 English and or other literate subjects such as Modern Studies or History. Achieved or working towards Higher English or another literate subject such as Higher Modern Studies or Higher History. 

Applicants will be required to attend an information session on the college campus and complete a short-written activity while there. It will be an opportunity to view the facilities and have a short tour of the college.

How will I be assessed?

Successful learners achieve the ungraded Higher Skills for Work Health and Social Care Award. This consists of four mandatory SQA units at SCQF level 6 and automatic certification of ‘Critical Thinking’ at SCQF level 5 and SCQF level 6. 

Assessment is ongoing throughout the course and there is no end of unit exams. A variety of assessment methods include group investigation and presentations; the production of folios, a risk assessment; a care plan; a CV and a learner review. Learners will also respond to structured questions about case studies in open book supervised conditions.

What should I expect

Learning by experience is an important aspect of this course. Teaching and learning sessions will take place in the hospital simulation room which provides opportunities to experience real world health care facilities and scenarios. Independent learning will be supported by the provision of online learning resources that will be available during lessons and at other times. Laptops will be available during college time although some learners may prefer to bring their own devices. Learners are encouraged to be open minded and non-judgemental, supportive of others and willing to explore their own strengths, weaknesses and areas for development.

Applicants should be aware that topics that are new to them such as those related to psychological theories, will require their full attention and commitment.

Next Steps

Successful learners will have a number of exit routes including employment and vocational qualifications; training posts; college or university.

Ayrshire College has several SCQF Level 6 and 7 courses in health care, oral health, social care and counselling, from which learners progress into employment, more advanced educational courses and/or degree level courses. 

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