• Supported Learning

    Transition to College - Hospitality

  • Eligible Schools:

    South Ayrshire

    This is a course for school pupils.

  • Location/Day/Time

    Ayr Campus


    1:00pm - 3:00pm

Who is the course for

This course is for school pupils who are happy to work at National 3 level and are interested in cooking. It is delivered by staff from Supported Education and a member of College support staff to offer further assistance within the kitchen.

The unit is Understanding and Using Ingredients delivered at SCQF Level 3.

The main aim of the course is to introduce you to college life in preparation for transition to full or part-time education within the college.

What is the course about

The course aims to promote your independent living skills by teaching you about ingredients and how to use them in a range of dishes. You will:

• Identify ingredients
• Learn about locally produced and seasonal ingredients
• Use ingredients to prepare interesting dishes
• Select suitable garnishes and/or decorations for the dishes

What do I need

This course is suitable for you if you have an interest in cooking and are used to working at National 3 level.

How will I be assessed

Your lecturers will gather evidence from your work as you work within the kitchen environment. This unit is not assessed via an end of term examination.

Next Steps

Full-time course options: Connect to Careers, Routes to Careers and Routes to Employment.

Part-Time course option: Toward Independence

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