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    BA (Hons) Social Sciences Open University

  • SCQF Level

    Level 10

  • Attendance/Duration

    One half day a week



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You will be required to hold the HND in Social Sciences

What's Involved

Year 1 DD308

You will study the concept of security in modern societies. This is of importance not only in the heightened climate of ‘the war on terror’, but also things such as fear of crime, panics over toxins in food and global panics over disease pandemics.

You will also learn about attachments between people and between people and things and how this is made and remade through interaction. Case studies including reality television, marketing and family will be used.

Lastly, you will focus on the way in which individual behaviour is shaped and regulated in social world, focusing on the material world and the role of culture in ‘mediating’ or making sense of social experience to explore how behaviour is shaped.

Year 2 DD301

Crime and how to respond to it are major concerns and you will develop a better understanding of complex local and global trends in crime and crime control.

You will learn how to recognise the different ways in which crime is constructed, conceived and controlled. You will discover how criminologists have explained these issues.

Key issues covered are:

  • What do we mean by ‘crime’ and ‘criminal justice?
  • Do crime and criminal justice have a global dimension?
  • How is the concept of violence intrinsic to understanding both crime and criminal justice?
  • How does power work itself into networks of crime and the practices of criminal justice?

These issues will be explored through a series of topics, ranging from the production and selling of drugs, cyber-crime, human trafficking, corporate crime, genocide, surveillance, international criminal courts and universal human rights.

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Start Date

9 Oct 2019




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