• Social Science

    Introduction to Criminology

  • Eligible Schools

    All schools

    This is a course for school pupils

  • Location/Day/Time

    Tuesday and Thursday 2pm to 4pm

Who is the course for

This course is aimed at learners who wish to develop their knowledge of the fascinating discipline of Criminology.

This course offers you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills while you learn about the various areas that Criminologists explore.

What is the course about

You will develop an introduction to the work of Forensic Psychologists in the Police, Courts and the Prison Estate, developing an understanding of different psychological theories of criminal behaviour, including psychopathy. You will also have the opportunity to explore extraordinary criminal behaviour.

You will also develop an understanding of the complex nature of crime and the problems with measuring crime. The course will also explain what constitutes a crime in Scotland and the main principles involved in the prosecution of crime and explore the nature of crime and its effects on the individual and the community.

Lastly you will be introduced to the different criminal courts in Scotland, the prison estate in Scotland and the aims of the prison system. You will consider the effectiveness of custodial and non-custodial sentences.

What do I need

  • An interest in Criminology, the nature of crime and theories of its causes and solutions
  • National 5s in Social Subjects advantageous

How will I be assessed

Assessment is continuous throughout the course and consists of 2 open book and 2 closed book assessments.

Next Steps

You may progress to:

On successful completion of the course you may wish to apply for NC Higher Social Sciences or HNC Social Science (depending on other qualifications). You may also use this qualification in combination with others to gain entry onto alternative NC Level 6 or HNC programmes.

Start Date

10 Jun 2019




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