• Computing

    NPA Cyber Security

  • Eligible Schools

    All Ayrshire schools

    This is a course for school pupils

  • Location/Day/Time

    Kilwinning campus

    Tuesday and Thursday 2 pm – 4 pm

    Ayr Campus

    Monday and Wednesday 2pm - 4pm

    1 Year

  • Start Date

    From 10 Jun 2019

Who is the course for

Cyber security is the technologies, processes and controls that are designed to protect systems, networks and data from cyber-attacks. It is one of the fastest evolving areas within business and government today, as online systems and networks are the foundations of the digitally-enabled economy.

Employment in Cyber Security is expected to continuously grow as people, companies and economies rely more on digital technology.

You can choose a NPA Cyber Security as one of your school subject choices. You will be required to spend two afternoons per week at College.

What is the course about

The National Units within the National Progression Award are designed to incorporate the three main areas of cyber security. These are:

Data Security

  • Describing the legal and ethical obligations around storing and sharing personal and business data
  • Explaining the causes and effects of data security breaches
  • Protecting data against security breaches

Digital Forensics

  • Explaining the digital forensics process
  • Applying relevant techniques in acquiring data
  • Examining digital evidence

Ethical Hacking

  • Describing current tools and techniques used by ethical and malicious hackers to compromise computer systems
  • Explaining current legislation relating to computer crime and hacking
  • Performing a routine penetration test on a computer system within a controlled environment

A key rationale for the award is to provide a skills pipeline into the industry. It is anticipated that there will be significant interest in this award within schools and this will increase the awareness of the knowledge, skills and job opportunities required by the cyber security industry.

By doing this, it is hoped that some learners will progress from this award onto further studies in this area and, ultimately, into a career in cyber security. This award is part of the first suite of school-based national qualifications in cyber security to be developed in the EU. There is currently provision at university level in several countries (including Scotland) but, to date, nothing designed for delivery in the school sector.

What do I need

For a place on this course, you’ll need:

  • A keen interest in Computing in general and the cyber world in particular
  • To have, or be working towards, National 4 or 5 qualifications, including Maths and English

How will I be assessed

The 3 units in the National Progression Award are assessed in college using a holistic approach to generating evidence of knowledge & understanding and practical abilities.

This will involve a mixture of case studies, reports, presentations, tests and practical assignments.

Next Steps

Successful completion of the course may allow you to progress to:

  • NC Computing
  • NC Games and Software Development

Partly depending on your other qualifications.

Start Date

10 Jun 2019



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