Alzheimer Scotland working with Ayrshire College

Alzheimer Scotland working with Ayrshire College

Ayrshire College is working with in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland to deliver a series of innovative classes to people living with dementia.

Last year, Social Science students at Ayrshire College visited the Kilmarnock Dementia Resource Centre at College Wynd to chat to clients of Alzheimer Scotland. They spoke about a range of local, national and international topics in an informal setting.

Now the team at Alzheimer Scotland have arranged for college staff to deliver classes at the Centre, to a mix of Social Science students and clients at the Centre who are living with dementia. In addition, Alzheimer Scotland are delivering information sessions to the College students.

It is hoped that these classes allow the students to better understand the impact that dementia has on someone’s life, while the clients will benefit from interacting with the students and reminiscing about certain subjects.

The groups have already held sessions on World War One and pressure groups in UK politics, with the latest class focusing on how attachments are formed. The final session, to be delivered on Monday 3 December, will look at culture through the ages.

Colin Ross, Curriculum Manager for Social Science at Ayrshire College, said “The partnership with the team at Alzheimer Scotland is now firmly established and has been extremely beneficial to the Social Science students at Ayrshire College. For many students this has been a great learning experience as they develop their understanding of dementia, something they may have first-hand experience of within their own families.”

Jim Baird, Community Activity Organiser at Alzheimer Scotland, said “Our ethos here is that people living with dementia are capable of embracing so much, including lifelong learning, and it has been fantastic to see their input to these lecture topics. 

“Intergenerational work allows students and those with dementia to learn from one another, challenge perspectives and be enriched and stimulated. The chance to help the students be more aware of dementia also allows us the chance to create more dementia-friendly communities.”

23 November 2018

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