New Alcohol and Drug Liaison Officer appointed at Ayrshire College

New Alcohol and Drug Liaison Officer appointed at Ayrshire College

Ayrshire College has appointed Anne Kennedy as its new Alcohol and Drug Liaison Officer, a partnership post created and funded between the College and NHS Ayrshire & Arran.

Anne replaces Cara Durnie in the role and joins the College after working for eight years within NHS Ayrshire & Arran’s Prevention and Service Support team.

Anne started in her role earlier this month and has already delivered mandatory workshops in Drug and Alcohol Awareness to all students at Level 4 and below.

She has also been hard at work preparing for Ayrshire College’s Alcohol Awareness Week (5-9 November) which will see her deliver more workshops and oversee the activities planned at all three main campuses, which include stallholders coming in to speak to the students.

Anne will be a key source of support and advice to students and staff across all the College's campuses to discuss substance misuse issues, whether it is their own use or someone else's. Educating staff and students on the dangers of drug and alcohol use, spotting the signs of addiction in others, and challenging the myths surrounding so-called 'legal highs' will be a key focus of the role.

Anne Kennedy said “I bring 11 years of addictions experience to the role and I’m excited about this new challenge. I’ve heard all about the role from Cara and I’m sure I’ll enjoy my time here.

“I think there’s a lot of pressures out there for young people, and many may be experiencing mental health issues and experimenting with substances without really knowing what they are, or what the consequences could be. So I’m here for support and to offer advice, and a lot of my workshops are focused on awareness.

“I hope to be an accessible, approachable and available face for students to come to. The same goes for staff members here. I know that if you have a class it can be unnerving if your students are speaking about something relating to drugs and alcohol that you’re unsure of. So I’m basically here to help everyone.”

8 November 2018

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