Plan to improve personal wellbeing launched at Ayrshire College

Plan to improve personal wellbeing launched at Ayrshire College

A new action plan to promote positive wellbeing for Ayrshire College staff and students has been unveiled.

Ayrshire College’s values are to be respectful, supportive, and open and honest. The ‘Promoting Wellbeing: Action Plan 2018-2021’ has been published to support a whole-college approach to improving staff and student wellbeing.

The three outcomes set out in the plan are to:

  1. Promote positive wellbeing within the College.
  2. Develop and sustain resources within the College.
  3. Develop fully internal and external partnerships to support positive wellbeing within the College.

A conversation café was held at the College’s Kilwinning Campus in February to allow staff the opportunity to find out more information about the plan, with similar events planned for the end of March.

The full plan is accessible to students through Moodle, while staff are able to access the plan on the College’s intranet system.

The three-year action plan has been developed by the College’s Promoting Wellbeing Group - made up of a cross-section of college staff, Ayrshire College Student Association members and NHS Ayrshire and Arran representatives - which has been established to deliver an ambitious and achievable response to promote improved wellbeing within the College.

The group is currently chaired by Doreen Wales, Head of Inclusive Learning at Ayrshire College, with support from Angela Sheridan, Head of Learning and Skills for Hair, Beauty, Complementary Therapies and Make-up Artistry.

Doreen said “I am delighted to have been involved in setting up the Promoting Wellbeing Group and developing an ambitious three-year action plan. These exciting initiatives highlight Ayrshire College’s commitment to supporting the positive wellbeing of all students and staff.”

Angela said “I am inspired by the creation of the Promoting Wellbeing Group from a personal perspective and as an additional support to staff and students. It’s really encouraging to see us all working together to positively promote wellbeing and sends out the message that everyone’s wellbeing is important.”

An attendee of the Kilwinning conversation café said after the event “It was very informative, I’ve learnt more about the bigger picture, how the wellbeing team came together and what drives it. It’s made me consider more about what can be done for wellbeing.”

6 March 2018

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