Is there a cost? Do you have to Pay?

There are many ways in which you can fund your course fees.

If you are studying at a Full-Time Non Advanced level and you meet the residency criteria, the tuition fees are waived.

You can apply to SAAS to fund all Full-Time Advanced courses, and SAAS can also offer support for students who are studying on a part-time basis via their Part-Time Funding Grant.

Skills Development Scotland can also provide support via the new Individual Training Account (ITA) 

ITA - Important Information

Individual Training Account applications have been put on hold as the initial target of 10,000 applications has been met.

SDS and the Scottish Government are now exploring options to maximise the impact of the scheme, within the available budget.

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Over 16, resident in Scotland and in receipt of an annual income of under £22,000 per annum

Not currently receiving funding under any other Skills Development Scotland (SDS) programme and not currently in full-time education

Either unemployed and looking for work or employed and wanting to improve your work or career prospects


Search for your chosen course on myworldofwork.co.uk and apply for ITA Funding.

Once you have completed the “myworldofwork” online form, SDS will email you, advising you of which original documentation you need to present to us to allow us to confirm your eligibility.  This process cannot be completed until we receive your original documents and must be carried out before the start date of your course.

If you are unable to come into one of the Finance offices you can email a copy of your documents to ITA@ayrshire.ac.uk.  These must be signed and dated to certify the document prior to sending. Alternatively these can be mailed to one of the addresses listed below.

Please ensure you have also completed the Colleges’ online application for your course on our website.


Evidence required if you are employed:
Last 3 payslips or most recent P60

Evidence required if you are self-employed:
A letter on your company headed paper confirming income details or a copy of your self-assessment tax return

The following are accepted as eligible benefits:
Jobseekers Allowance, Income Support, Universal Credits, Employment Support Allowance, Carers Allowance, Pension Credits or the Maximum Rate Award of Child Tax Credit

Evidence required if you are in receipt of benefits:
Headed letter from The Department of Work and Pensions/HMRC Office confirming that you are in receipt of one of the above benefits. The letter should be dated within the last three months and clearly state that you are in receipt of benefits.

Evidence required for people under the age of retirement:
Evidence of your private pension or your most recent P60

Evidence required for people over the age of retirement:
Evidence of your private and state pension or your most recent P60


If you are eligible to receive ITA Funding, we will confirm this and verify the start and end date of your ITA Learner Year.

To allow us to claim your ITA funding we must have confirmation from you that you have attended your chosen course therefore, you will receive an email from ITA@ayrshire.ac.uk shortly after your course commences. Please ensure you respond to this email immediately as failure to do so will result in you being liable for the full course cost.

In the event that you wish to change or cancel this booking you must notify us by email at ITA@ayrshire.ac.uk
Should you require any further information please contact us on the numbers on the reverse side or email us at ITA@ayrshire.ac.uk

Ayr Campus

Dam Park
Tel: 01292 293439


Kilmarnock Campus

Hill Street
Tel: 01563 537871

Kilwinning Campus

Lauchlan Way
KA13 6DE
Tel: 01294 555331

Flexible Workforce Development Fund

Flexible Workforce Development Fund

This fund has been established to provide employers with flexible workforce development training opportunities to support inclusive economic growth through up-skilling or reskilling of employees. The fund is open to organisations that currently pay the Apprenticeship Levy. This funding is in addition to the existing apprenticeship support which all employers are eligible to access in Scotland; and Individual Training Accounts (ITA’s) which provide eligible individuals with the opportunity to undertake learning opportunities to develop their skills for employment. This fund may be particularly beneficial in addressing skills gaps and the training needs of the older workforce.

Key facts

· The FWDF is available to all levy-paying employers in Scotland across the private, public and third sectors

· Each levy-paying employer can access up to a maximum of £15,000 in 2019/2020

· The FWDF can be used as part-contribution towards training of a higher cost

· Levy-paying employers may submit only one application (in Scotland) within the application period. This application is submitted to your nearest College.

· The FWDF will not support provision of qualifications or training required by legislation

We will be processing applications on a first come first served basis, contact us now to register your interest in this fund at FWDF@ayrshire.ac.uk. A member of our Business Growth Team will contact you to discuss your training needs and help you make a formal application. For more information visit the Scottish Government website.

Part-Time Fee Waivers

Part-Time Fee Waivers

If you receive certain state benefits you may not have to pay the tuition fee for part-time day or evening class courses, for example:

• Income Support
• Job Seekers Allowance
• Incapacity Benefit
• DLA (Disability Living Allowance)
• Working Tax Credit
• Universal Credit
• P.I.P Personal Independence Payment

For further information and guidelines regarding entitlement to a Part-Time Fee Waivers you can contact our Finance Team.

Contact number

01563 523501 ext 8549


Part-Time Fee Grant (PTFG)

Part-Time Fee Grant (PTFG)

PTFG's are available if you are studying at SCQF Level 7 or above such as higher education courses (HNC or HND) or Professional Development Awards (PDA).

You can apply for a PTFG if you are studying a part-time course at Levels 7-10, this includes SVQ3, SVQ4 and completing between 30-119 SCQF credits.
You must apply to SAAS for Part-Time Fee Grants.

Contact information

0300 300 31 37

Employer/Sponsor Paying

Employer/Sponsor Paying

If your Employer/Sponsor is paying your fees please submit a letter from your organisation on company headed paper.

The letter must state your name, course details and be signed by an appropriate authorised member of staff.

A Purchase Order Number should also be quoted if this is the process your organisation operates.

An invoice will then be sent direct to your employer/sponsor.



If you are not in a position to make full payment at the time of your enrolment and your fees are greater than £150, the College offers the following Instalment Plan. The instalments will be paid monthly by standing order mandate.

Between £150 - £500 course fees due = 25% deposit at enrolment and 3 monthly instalments
Between £501 - £750 course fees due = 25% deposit at enrolment and 4 monthly instalments
Between £751 - £1,000 course fees due = 25% deposit at enrolment and 5 monthly instalments
£1,001 or greater course fees due = 25% deposit at enrolment and 6 monthly instalments

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