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January 11, 2018 -

It’s always tricky to decide what to do after you leave school. But if you’re looking for a job that’s rewarding, fun and has the potential to change lives, then doing a course in Early Years at Ayrshire College could be a great starting point.

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We spoke to S6 pupils Kieran Clews and Robbie McNaught from Greenwood Academy in Irvine, about their reasons for choosing to do the Skills for Work – Early Education and Childcare course while still at school.

Kieran –        

“I did my school work experience week at a local nursery school.  I didn’t really know what to do for my work experience, so my guidance teacher suggested that I give it a go and I ended up really enjoying it.

So when it came to me thinking of what to study at college, I jumped at the chance to do this course.  My mum did say there were fewer males working in education, so I knew that if I was to go down that route, then it would maybe go in my favour.  I think it’s important for young people to have a male role model in school.

I look forward to going to college every week.  I like the fact that we get to socialise with other people in our class who have come from different schools.  It gives you the confidence to work with people from all different backgrounds.  Also, we’ll know what to expect when we do come to college after we leave school.  It gives you that extra bit of confidence.

I would like to go down the social care route or maybe working in a nursery.  The week’s work experience at school really clicked for me.  If the opportunity came up to work in this environment, I’d jump at the chance.  I’d like to continue with the next level of the course at Ayrshire College.”

Robbie –

“My guidance teachers advised me that primary teaching might interest me, so I thought I’d do this course as it’s a good introduction to early education.

I help out with the first year pupils every Friday at Greenwood along with the Guidance teacher, so I’m getting a bit of experience working in a school setting.

I don’t think I’d want to go straight to university after school.  I’d prefer to go to college first, which will be like a stepping stone for me.  I think it’ll set me up well for when I do go to university to study to be a Primary School teacher.”

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