Ayrshire college is fully committed to challenging discrimination, advancing equality of opportunity, promoting inclusion and celebrating the diversity of all of its students, staff, visitors and partners. To find out more about equality and inclusion at the college, click here.


Our website has been built with accessibility in mind. This means you can easily customise the look of our website to suit your individual needs.


You can listen to this website, our application form and Moodle with BrowseAloud Plus

Whether you are using a Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac, BrowseAloud Plus will provide the speech and reading support tools you require for free. 

BrowseAloud Plus reads website content out loud using the most natural and engaging voice to transform your online reading experience. New features include: Translator, Simplifier, Screen Masking for Touch Screens and the ability to personalise the settings to suit individual needs and preferences.

Other features include:
Dual-Colour Highlighting
MP3 Maker
Secure Site Reading
Text Magnification
Screen Masking
PDF Reading
Pronunciation Modifier
International Languages

For more information, please visit


You can change the basic appearance of your screen settings in some common browsers below.

Customising Internet Explorer

  • Change text size - View > Text Size.
  • Change colours and font style - Tools > Internet Options > Colours or Fonts.
  • Disable images - Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > scroll down to Multimedia > untick the box labelled ‘Show pictures’.
  • Disable JavaScript – Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > scroll down to Scripting > select Disable for Active Scripting.

Customising Firefox

  • Change text size - View > Zoom > click on Zoom Text Onlythen go to View > Zoom > Zoom In (Ctrl++).
  • Change colours and font style – Tools (Firefox) > Options (Preferences) > Content > Advanced and Colors.
  • Disable images - Tools (Firefox) > Options (Preferences) > Content > untick the ‘Loads images automatically’ box.
  • Disable JavaScript - Tools (Firefox) > Options (Preferences) > Content > untick the ‘Enable JavaScript’ box.

Customising Safari

  • Change font size - page menu icon (Safari) > Zoom > click on Zoom Text Only then go to page menu icon (Safari) > Zoom > Zoom In (Ctrl++).
  • Change font style or upload style sheet - settings icon (Safari) > Preferences > Appearance or Advanced.
  • Disable images -settings icon (Safari) > Preferences > Appearance > untick the ‘Display images when page opens’ box.
  • Disable JavaScript – (Safari) > Preferences > Security > untick the ‘Enable JavaScript’ box.

Customising Google Chrome

  • Change font size - settings icon (Chrome) > Options (Preferences) > Under the Hood > Font Size.
  • Change font style- settings icon (Chrome) > Options (Preferences) > Under the Hood > Customise Fonts.
  • Disable images - settings icon (Chrome) > Options (Preferences) > Under the Hood > Content settings... > select ‘Do not show any images’.
  • Disable JavaScript - settings icon (Chrome) > Options (Preferences) > Under the Hood > Content settings... > select ‘Do not allow any site to run JavaScript’.


Ayrshire College is committed to supporting all of our students to have a positive learning experience. We support students with:
Visual Impairment
Hearing Impairment
Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Physical Disabilities
Medical Conditions
Specific Learning Difficulties
Unseen Disabilities
Mental Health
Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties. 

If you feel you require additional support for anything that may impact on your learning and participation at college please visit our Inclusive Learning page.

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