Report and Support

Report and Support is one way in which Ayrshire College students can submit a report, including anonymously, about something that has happened to them or something they have witnessed in relation to bullying, discrimination or harassment (based on protected characteristics); hate crime; racism; and gender-based violence (for example, domestic abuse, sexual violence, and sexual harassment).

The main aim of Report and Support is to enable the College’s students to access support. This means, Report and Support complements already existing College reporting routes by providing you an additional or alternative choice on how to report an experience or incident(s) and access support from us. We want the College to be a safe and inclusive place to learn and develop. Having Report and Support is one way to help us continue being that place.

You can choose to report an incident(s) anonymously. We encourage all reports to be made with your name and contact details but, at the same time, understand, that an anonymous report might be a step towards a named report later when you feel ready, safe, and able. Take the time you need.

The College can support you. The first step is telling us what happened.

Through Report and Support, you will be asked to select an option that best describes what happened. In this same section, you will have the option to provide more information about the incident. It is your choice as to how much information you provide. When you do provide more information, however, we have an increased opportunity to provide you with the best possible support.

Before you submit the report, you are given the chance to change your mind about whether you report anonymously or with your name and contact details.

Click HERE on our Report and Support Named form to let us know about something that happened to you or that you witnessed happening and to give us your contact details. You can expect someone from the College to be in touch with you within two or three working days. You can discuss with them what support you feel you need and what outcome, if any, you would like.

To tell us about something anonymously (without giving your contact details) then please click HERE on our Report and Support anonymous form, bearing in mind we cannot contact you to offer support.

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