Uniformed Services Work Experience

May 26, 2019 - Kimberley Bradford

This week Campus Liaison Officer PC Bradford coordinated a variety of workshops to Uniformed Services students within Ayrshire College.

30 students from Irvine and Kilmarnock campuses attended over the three days and were issued with their own ‘Police Notebooks’ to fill in throughout the week.

Students benefited from practical exercises and workshops throughout the week, learning how to take details and statements and how to deal with crimes and incidents. Students applied their skills to a real-life scenario with college staff playing the roles of victims, witnesses and accused persons.

Uniformed Services Work Experience.white horse.jpg (1)

Students also had inputs surrounding the roles and functions of specialist services and visited the Mounted Unit and Dog Branch. Road Policing also provided an informative workshop and students even got to sit in the road policing vehicle.

Uniformed Services Work Experience.dog training.jpg

The work experience concluded with a police style fitness test and a question and answer session with PC Bradford. There was a prize for the best notebook of the week.

Uniformed Services Work Experience.gym.jpg

PC Bradford commented “Uniformed Services Work Experience was a fantastic opportunity for me to work closely with existing students, building on good police/community relationships while at the same time allowing the students to get an insight into what a police officer actually does. The role-playing scenarios really put the students under a bit of pressure to get all the relevant details from their ‘witnesses’ and I was really impressed at how they managed when faced with the challenging scenarios.

Uniformed Services Work Experience.group.jpg

"The students absolutely loved the Mounted Branch and Dog Branch visits as well as the road policing input. They had the opportunity to ask loads of questions and they told me that they enjoyed seeing the real ‘human side’ of police officers and being able to have some laughs with us all along the way."

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