Foundation Apprenticeships in Focus - Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2020

March 3, 2020 - Jane Moore

Apprenticeship opportunities in Scotland are growing and we want as many young people and employers as possible to benefit. With that in mind this year’s theme is ‘Talent Without Limits’.

We celebrate the diversity which makes work-based learning good for individuals, employers and the economy. We want everyone to know there is no limit to where an apprenticeship can take you, your child or your business.

Foundation Apprenticeships are school-based apprenticeship that pupils can study as part of their school timetable.

We spoke with some of the pupils to find out a bit more about why they like being a Foundation Apprentice, the course and what their future ambitions are.

Amy Roan, Foundation Apprentice Social Services, Children and Young People. 

I was supported in school to write my application, then I was interviewed by the college. The interview was daunting as I’d never had to do one before, but I got a place.

The apprenticeship is a mix of theory and practical work. One day we’ll be learning about communication with children or child development. Other days are more practical – like play or safeguarding. It’s all really enjoyable. We have also had the chance to do different activities with children that visit the college nursery.

The best thing about being a Foundation Apprentice is that if gives you experience for your future career. It also gives you a head start to get into university, as not a lot of people have this qualification, so it helps you stand out.

I would say definitely go for a course like this one because you get new experiences and you also get to see what your future career might look like, and it’s also really fun!

I either want to go to university to study a degree in education or I might go to College to do the HNC and HND course, then I could get into university from there.

I want to be a Primary Teacher, and the experience of the Foundation Apprenticeship has made me sure about what I want to do in my career.

Calum Thomson, Foundation Apprentice Aeronautical Engineering

I learnt about the apprenticeship last year when I was doing school work experience at GE Caledonian.

A typical day is very varied. There’s some modules that are theory based learning about systems, and some that are practical based like the PEO section when we are in the workshop. Also a lot of the time we’re in the hangar, looking at the plane and it’s more practical.

College is different from school – it prepares you more for moving on to work.

The best thing is the opportunities it gives you, purely because there’s a lot of companies that don’t take you on without a PEO or Foundation Apprenticeship so it gives you an advantage. It’s a head start.

I’d recommend the foundation Apprenticeship. It gives you so much more experience and a lot more information to work with. The lecturers are great as they have so much industry information, their knowledge is really specialised.

I want to get an apprenticeship, mainly looking at the maintenance side of aircraft engineering. Eventually I want to be a pilot. I want to get into engineering first, to totally understand how the plane works and then think about being a pilot.

Jamie Thompson, Foundation Apprentice Engineering

The main reason I signed up for the Foundation Apprenticeship was to get a chance to get into GE Caledonian. My dad works there, so I’m really happy to get in too. He’s worked there for 25 years and really enjoys it.

I did my 2 week work experience there as part of the course. It was really good as I got to do something really interesting during the summer, working on plane engines for example. It was so much better than having nothing to do during the summer.

One day you can be doing all the theory work, like physics and maths. The next day you can be doing soldering work, IT or engineering drawing.

If you were in a school environment there’s no way we’d be able to use some of the advanced equipment that we get to use at college. I prefer college as I get the hands-on skills to develop myself as an engineer.

I would say to anyone thinking of doing a Foundation Apprenticeship, absolutely do it! Because when you go for a job, you’ll stand out from the crowd. It’s not an easy course to get onto, so it makes you stand out definitely.

It’s opened the door for me to further my career and hopefully get a job for life. I’ve just been accepted at GE Caledonian – as a second year Modern Apprentice.

In 5 years my aim is to be a time-served mechanic at GE Caledonian.

Thinking a Foundation Apprenticeship might be for you? Click here to find out more information.

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