Ayrshire College students take part in the 2023 Ayrshire Apprentice Challenge

October 3, 2023 - Martin Currie

A team of Level 3 Hairdressing apprentices from Ayrshire College reached the final of the 2023 Ayrshire Apprenticeship Challenge.

The students, who were the first-ever hairdressing group to participate in the challenge, partnered with Coylton Community Association to create something truly special.

The team developed and delivered hairdressing and hair care workshops to children in the local community, over five weeks.

For just £2 per workshop, a child could learn how to style hair using electrical tools safely, how to braid hair, style hair for school, style hair for parties, and take care of their hair.

While also selling raffle tickets to parents, altogether they raised £102 during their project which was donated to Coylton Community Association.

Running the workshop allowed children to socialise over the summer holidays, allowed parents to socialise in the café while the group was running and let the apprentices showcase and develop their own skills while working together as a team.

Kelly Murray, VQ Assessor at Ayrshire College, said: “I am really proud of my Level 3 group. They are not only the first hairdressing group to enter the challenge, but the first team from Ayrshire College. They worked extremely hard and the work they completed with the local community was excellent.  They achieved their set aims and objectives and completed one of their SVQ units in the process. Every apprentice is a credit to both their salons and Ayrshire College.”

The 2023 Ayrshire Apprenticeship Challenge was won by a team of GE Caledonian apprentices, with Collins Aerospace also represented in the final. The judging panel was comprised of Ayrshire College Principal and Chief Executive Angela Cox, Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Claire Baird and Skills Development Scotland Area Manager Claire Tooze.

Everyone AAC.jpg
Participants and judges at the 2023 Ayrshire Apprenticeship Challenge

For more information on the Ayrshire Apprenticeship Challenge or DYW Ayrshire please reach out to Wilson Barrie, Employer Engagement Officer: wbarrie@ayrshire-chamber.org. The following has been provided by DYW Ayrshire:

Why Your Organisation Should Get Involved Next Year

The success of the Ayrshire Apprenticeship Challenge demonstrates the incredible benefits of such initiatives for both apprentices and organisations. Here's why you should consider participating next year:

  1. Community Impact: This challenge provides a platform for your apprentices to make a meaningful difference in your local community. It's an opportunity to give back and show your organisation's commitment to corporate social responsibility.
  2. Skill Development: Apprentices will develop a wide range of skills, from project management to teamwork and communication. These skills are not only beneficial for their personal growth but also for your organisation's workforce.
  3. Networking: Your apprentices will have the chance to connect with peers from other teams, fostering collaboration and a sense of community among local businesses.
  4. Brand Enhancement: Participating in such initiatives allows your business to promote its positive contributions to the community. It's a chance to showcase your commitment to social impact.
  5. Employee Engagement: Involvement in community projects can boost employee morale and engagement. It's an opportunity for your apprentices to feel proud of their work and for your business to support their personal and professional development.

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