Intro to Careers - Stage 2 (previously PEZ Plus) (August)

  • SCQF Level

    Level 4

  • Attendance/Duration

    Short Full time, 18 weeks

  • Start Date

    Aug 2024


Welcome to the next stage of your career journey with Intro to Careers – Stage 2. Designed for those aged 16-24, this course builds essential skills, motivation, and self-confidence tailored to your interests. No interview hassle – just a friendly chat to enlighten you about the exciting opportunities that await you.

Entry Requirements

Are you aged 16-24 with the determination to succeed? Then, this course is for you! No formal qualifications needed – life experiences count too!

Course Content

Embark on a learning journey covering:

  • settling in and planning your next steps
  • understanding employment opportunities
  • building transferable skills for adapting to new situations
  • working towards a healthy lifestyle
  • using digital media for communication
  • creating a CV and basic interview skills
  • building healthy relationships
  • enhancing personal awareness of your strengths

This course equips you with skills for life and work

Next Steps and Career Opportunities

Successfully completing this course may open doors to:

  • further vocational college courses
  • employment
  • training programs

Explore diverse possibilities for your future!

Why Choose this Course

  • tailored for ages 16-24
  • practical learning of essential life skills
  • no formal qualifications required
  • focused on building transferable skills
  • a stepping stone to future studies or employment

Discover a supportive and engaging learning environment at Intro to Careers – Stage 2 Level 4. Your journey to a bright future starts here!

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Start Date

Aug 2024

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