• Social Science

    NPA Psychology (Level 6)

  • Eligible Schools

    East/North/South Ayrshire

    This is a course for school pupils only

  • Location/Day/Time

    Kilwinning, Tuesday and Thursday, 2.00 - 4.00

Who is the course for

This course is aimed at learners who have an interest in human behaviour and wish to develop their understanding of the human mind.

This course offers you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills while you learn about an interesting range of topics that Psychology has helped us understand.

What is the course about

Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour and mental processes. It is a branch of knowledge that focuses on people, either as individuals or in groups. By studying psychology, it is possible to uncover the meanings behind human behaviour.

Through this course you will learn about the different approaches psychology takes understand and explain a range of topics. You will look individual behaviours such as memory, stress, intelligence, and psychopathology. You will also look at social relationships and the impact they can have such as conformity, obedience, attraction, prejudice and aggression.

Throughout the course you will develop knowledge and skills such as analysing, evaluating, and applying knowledge in relation to psychological research.

What do I need

You should have an interest in Psychology, understanding the human mind and human behaviour.

Learners should have a National 5 in English and one Social Science subject.

How will I be assessed

Assessment is continuous throughout the course and consists of a variety of activities such as essays, reports, posters, and pre-recorded presentations.

Next Steps

On successful completion of the course you may wish to apply for Level 5 Social Science, Level 6 Social Science or HNC Social Science (depending on other qualifications).

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