• Motor Vehicles

    Skills for Work Automotive (Level 4)

  • Eligible Schools

    All schools

    This course is for school pupils.

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    Kilmarnock Campus

    Tuesday and Thursday


Who is the course for?

If you want to know about working in the automotive industry, the occupations within it and the skills and knowledge required, can problem solve and enjoy hands-on practical tasks, this course ticks the boxes for you. Assessment across the units in this Course will mostly test your practical skills but will also test the wider knowledge and understanding you need to work in automotive job roles including knowledge and understanding of tools and equipment, and awareness of Health & Safety legislation.

What is the course about?

The course provides a broad introduction to the automotive industry and will introduce you to basic vocational skills, knowledge and understanding. Practical experiences of carrying out basic vehicle checks are included as well as the specific skills involved in removal and replacement of components and mechanisms.

The overall purpose of the Course is to make sure that you develop practical skills, knowledge and understanding needed within this industry as well as developing the skills employers are looking for. For example, team working, following instructions and good customer service. The course may offer a route into a Modern Apprenticeship or continuing motor vehicle studies on a full-time basis. Course Units:

  • Automotive Skills: The Garage
  • Automotive Skills: The Technician
  • Automotive Skills: The Car
  • Automotive Skills: The Vehicle Modification Project

What are the entry requirements?

There are no formal entrance requirements.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment across the units in this Course will mostly test practical skills (which will involve some physical work) but will also address the wider knowledge and understanding associated with working in automotive job roles including knowledge and understanding of tools and equipment, and awareness of health and safety legislation.

What should I expect?

To be able to undertake approximately 75% practical and 25% theory coursework. The practical element will involve working on the ground, working on, inside, around and under vehicles. You will learn about the various systems on the vehicle and tools which are utilised, you will be asked to recall the function of these components and tools. You will be expected to use tools and equipment to undertake practical tasks such as jacking and supporting vehicles on axle stands, removing/refitting road wheels, removing/refitting brake pads and utilising vehicle ramps. There will be some work on engines both on vehicles and on stands. You may find yourself getting dirty as there is an element of working on the ground and on some of the general vehicle systems.

Next Steps

This course fills an identified need in the automotive sector for an introductory course for school candidates and supports progression into appropriate further education or work-based learning. Successful completion of this Course may provide you with opportunities to progress to:

  • Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) and Modern Apprenticeships in Automotive areas
  • Full time National Certificate Courses
  • Full time Institute of the Motor Industry courses at Ayrshire College
  • Training/employment

What do current students say?

“This course is really good, I get to work with the vehicles to find and repair faults. Some tasks are easier than others and take a bit more time to understand but I get there and enjoy problem solving."

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