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    Skills for Work Introduction to Renewable Energy (Level 5)

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    This course is for school pupils.

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    Kilwinning/Ayr Campus

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    14:00 - 16:00

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    Aug 2024

Who is this course for?

This qualification is suitable for pupils from mainstream schools or other education establishments who wish to learn more about renewable energy and progress into a related trade area or a career in the energy sector.

The primary target group for this course is senior phase pupils.

For example: If you want to become a Plumber, Electrician, building services engineer, work on wind turbines or hydro electricity schemes, then this course will help you get a foot on the ladder of this career route. Maybe you want to go on to study sustainability or renewable energy at HNC or at university; this is the ideal place to get a start on your learning journey.

Energy has an impact on every aspect of modern living. You can enjoy exciting career opportunities in lots of different sectors, including construction and maintenance of buildings and transport and infrastructure.

Right now, there are many opportunities for employment in these industries in a fast-changing world as we move to net zero. With the right people in high demand the Skills for Work Energy at Ayrshire College is an ideal course choice from which to build your CV.

What is the course about?

You will explore the various UK-based energy industries and develop practical skills by building a small-scale solar hot water system and wind turbine. You will also develop your employability skills and review your strengths and weaknesses, which are then used to help suggest the most appropriate career for you within the energy sector.

The course will:

  • Provide you with a broad introduction to the energy sector.
  • Develop an awareness of the role of conventional and renewable energy systems in the UK.
  • Develop skills relevant to the energy sector that are related to employment e.g., Solar hot water and wind turbines.
  • Encourage you to evaluate the impact of energy generation on the environment.
  • Encourage you to foster a good work ethic, including timekeeping, a positive attitude and other relevant employability skills.
  • Encourage you to take charge of your own learning and development.
  • Facilitate progression to further education and/or training.
  • Develop an awareness of what opportunities there may be within the sector in terms of the types and range of career options.
  • Encourage you to consider a career in the energy sector.
  • Provide opportunities for the personal development of skills and attitudes that will improve your employment potential within the energy sector.

At SCQF level 5, you will work alone or with others on straightforward tasks with support.

You will also get to visit to an energy generation facility as part of your learning experience. (Subject to COVID travel restrictions.)

This might be to a HYDRO scheme or windfarm where you will get a feel for the environment, equipment, and staff working with energy generation systems.

What are the entry requirements?

A positive attitude, a willingness to learn, and an interest in gaining a recognised qualification to pursue a career in the energy sector.

How will I be assessed?

The course comprises the following units:

  • J12W 75 Energy: An Introduction 6 SCQF credit points
  • J12Y 75 Energy: Domestic Wind Turbine Systems 6 SCQF credit points
  • J130 75 Energy: Domestic Solar Hot Water Systems 6 SCQF credit points
  • J12X 75 Energy: Employability and Careers 3 SCQF credit points
  • J131 75 Energy and the Individual 3 SCQF credit points

To achieve the course award, the learner must successfully achieve all the units.

You will be assessed through a variety of means: individual practical exercises, teamwork, practical exercises and presentations.

What should I expect?

Next steps

This course, or its units, may provide progression to:

  • A National Certificate programme in Further Education
  • Further Training or Employment

Specific courses at Ayrshire College may be:

  • Pre-Apprenticeship Plumbing at SCQF Level 4
  • Introduction to Renewables with Future Technologies at SCQF Level 5
  • NQ in Sustainable Construction at SCQF Level 6

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Start Date

Aug 2024

Places available



Start Date

Aug 2024

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