• Hair, Beauty, Complementary Therapies and Make-Up

    Wellness and Complementary Therapies Level 6

  • SCQF Level

    Comparable to Level 6

  • Attendance/Duration

    Full-time, one year

  • Start Date

    Aug 2024


Wellness is not just a word, it's an active journey towards a balanced and healthy life. This course explores health promotion and holistic therapies, empowering you to support the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing for individuals and communities. These practices, including massage and other holistic therapies, play a crucial role in promoting health, managing stress and addressing health issues. If you're eager to explore techniques for a healthier lifestyle and help others on their wellbeing journey, this is an ideal starting point.

Entry Requirements

For this course you’ll need:

  • a genuine interest in health and wellbeing
  • four National 5/SCQF Level 5 qualifications or equivalent
  • to complete an application, including the Personal Statement
  • to be aged 16 or over

If you don’t have formal qualifications but have life experience, then we’ll also consider you for a place, so please do apply.

Course Content

With a strong emphasis on practical skills, you'll spend substantial time training in our dedicated commercial salons, where you'll provide treatments to external clients. You’ll explore how the human body functions in health and how to maintain overall wellbeing. Hands-on experience coupled with essential knowledge will provide you with a solid foundation.

Here's a glimpse of what you’ll study:

  • understanding the components of a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle
  • applying your knowledge to advise clients on improving and maintaining their health, from detoxification to exercise
  • learning to perform individualised massages on various body areas, including the body, face, scalp, neck, and shoulders, using a variety of techniques.
  • mastering the art of traditional head and scalp massages tailored to individual client needs.
  • developing skills in performing facial cleansing routines and facial massage routines, employing various techniques to enhance skincare and induce relaxation.
  • exploring the causes of stress and its impact on the body, along with practical stress management strategies like visualization, breathing techniques, and relaxation.
  • conducting research into a range of wellness therapies and examining body structures and systems, exploring how wellness and complementary treatments can enhance their function.
  • encouragement to gain valuable work experience by participating in community and college events

Due to the dynamic nature of the complementary therapy industry, we continually update the course content to align with current trends.

Next Steps and Career Opportunities

On completion of this course you may consider:

  • progressing to Wellness and Complementary Therapies SCQF level 7
  • exploring diverse career paths, such as: a self-employed Holistic Therapist, Holistic Therapist within a spa, Holistic Clinical Practitioner, a supporting role in conventional medicine in a clinical practice

Why Choose This Course?

This is a transformative journey that empowers you to promote holistic wellbeing. Beyond acquiring practical skills, you'll develop a deep understanding of health and wellbeing, which will enable you to make a meaningful impact on individuals and communities. This course equips you with not only specialised knowledge but also versatile skills that will make you an asset in the field of wellness.

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Aug 2024

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