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Find out how free training could benefit you!

Whatever sector you're in, we have a range of programmes which will help improve your people, processes and profits!

If you have less than 250 employees you can access government funding for reskilling and upskilling. We'll work alongside you to assess which courses best suit your business needs, and our staff will deliver training around your schedule.

We can support...

  • Businesses in the hospitality sector with BIIAB Personal Licence Holder, REHIS Food Hygiene, Customer Service Excellence programmes, etc.
  • Businesses in the care sector with Scottish Mental Health First Aid, REHIS Health & Safety, Scottish Vocational Qualifications, Autism Awareness, etc.
  • Businesses in the food and drink sector with REHIS Food Hygiene, REHIS Health & Safety, Creating & Sustaining High Performance Teams, Building Your Brand, etc.
  • Businesses in the manufacturing sector with Improving Productivity programmes, Agile Project Management, REHIS Health & Safety, Assessor and Verifier qualifications, etc.

These are just some of the ways we can help you meet relevant legal requirements and move forward with qualified staff and up-to-date processes.

What is there to think about? Virtual, one-to-one, drop in sessions start on Wednesday 18 May.

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