Row Britannia Ayrshire

We've signed up to the Row Britannia challenge of rowing 2020 miles and raising £3,000 for mental health charities, via Sport Relief, by Friday 13 March.

We want as many students and staff members as possible to take part!

Here's how you can get involved...

Why should i sign up?

Row Britannia 2020 is a Sport Relief mental health, fitness and wellbeing challenge for UK colleges and universities.

Our £3,000 donation to Sport Relief would help to give mental health charities vital funds.

You'll be playing a key role in raising positive awareness of mental health, fitness and wellbeing. Plus there are also prizes on offer to the students and teams who bring in the biggest donations and clock the most miles!

How do i sign up?

To register a team, email with information on who's part of the team and who's your team captain. There is a minimum 'entry donation' for all teams (£5 per head).

You can also row as an individual (minimum donation £5); email or use the hashtag #RowBritanniaAyrshire on social media to let us know you're taking part - and put your full name alongside your donation on the JustGiving page.

Remember £5 per head is the minimum donation - we're looking to raise £3,000, so as much as you can possibly give/raise please! It would be a good idea to download the Row Britannia Ayrshire sponsorship form and ask people to sponsor you.

How do i donate?

You can donate online using our JustGiving page.

There will be donation buckets at the Reception areas for anyone wishing to make an offline donation.

Remember to download the Row Britannia Ayrshire sponsorship form to keep track of your donations.

How do i row?

On campus: There are two rowing machines at each main campus, which can be booked out and taken to a space/room for you and your team to row. Once you've registered and donated, we'll let you know where these are and how they can be booked out.

The machines come with wheels and so are easy to move! Just remember you're responsible for collecting and safely returning the machines.

Off campus: If you're in the gym or have access to a rowing machine at home, then great! These miles will all count towards the total - if you record them correctly...

how do i record my miles?

An email will be sent out to the team captains at the end of each week to ask how many miles their team has contributed this week. We trust our staff and students will not lie about their efforts, however, it would also be great if we could get some photos sent over with the totals if possible. Whether that's a photo of you on the machine, a photo of the distance reading on the machine, or a photo of you collapsed in a heap at the end of your row*.

Individuals taking part can email at any time to record their distances. Please send pictorial evidence if you can.

Use the hashtag #RowBritanniaAyrshire on social media and let us know how many miles you've rowed and, again, photos, photos, photos!

*Kidding! Don't overexert yourself. 

Can i see how many miles other people have rowed?

Yes! We'll be keeping a leaderboard at the bottom of this page which will be updated weekly.

do i need to donate?

Yes. Your miles rowed will only count towards the Row Britannia Ayrshire 2020 miles total if you have donated to the JustGiving page or made an offline donation to the Marketing team. Don't donate, don't get on the leaderboard.

The money does not need to come directly from you, you can get sponsored by others using the Row Britannia Ayrshire sponsorship form.

i have another question!

No problem. Email and we'll be glad to help.


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