Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for these courses?

The School-College courses are open to S4 to S6 pupils. Places are limited and there is a selection process that includes an application and interview (some courses require an aptitude test). Your guidance teacher will be able to assist you with this process.

You should:

  • Be prepared to participate fully in the course.
  • Be prepared to abide by Ayrshire College policies and code of conduct.
  • Be interested in the course and have the entry requirements stated. 

When will I attend College?

You will attend College alongside, and as an equally important part of, your school studies. The course begins in June, finishes for the summer holidays and starts again in August. All dates, start and finish times are listed on the College website.

Attendance at College is vital to ensure you can successfully complete the course.

What kind of support will I get when I’m at school and College?

At College there will be support from your lecturer. A feedback and review process to keep you on track will be supported by the School-College Partnership Team. Where required, support will be available from the Inclusive Learning Team to assist and mirror the support you receive at school. At school, you will get support from your guidance teacher and Skills Development Scotland advisor. 

How do I travel to College?

You will agree travel arrangements with your school, ensuring that you arrive on time for your College class. You will not have to pay for your transport between school and the College campus. 

How will I be assessed at College?

In vocational training programmes, students are assessed on their skills and knowledge of the areas covered in the course. There will be known points throughout the year that you will be assessed. Assessments vary depending on the course you have chosen. 

How will I know how I am doing on the course?

Your lecturer will provide the School-College Partnership Team and your school with regular formal progress reports throughout the year. You will also be able to track and question your progress by speaking to your lecturer. 

How will the course be certificated?

The course will appear on your SQA certificate, just like your school subjects. 

Where can I find out more information?

For further information speak to your guidance teacher, a Skills Development Scotland advisor and the School-College Partnership Team.

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