Free Student Self Study Activities/ Phone Apps:

English File Student Online Games: Useful online grammar and vocabulary revision for beginner to advanced.


Lyrics Training:
Learn English through songs and videos. Teacher accounts and worksheets are also available. The app version is very useful.
British Council Kids: This is great for low levels and for students who have children learning English as well.

ESL Lab: Great range of self-study materials.

A 4 ESL: Free Activities for ESL students.

Interactive Books Marc Chagall: This is very useful for self-study vocabulary and grammar revision.

Essential Grammar in Use phone app:[4]

British Council Free apps:

BBC Learning English app:

Duo-linguo This is a great app for newly arrived students, which covers basic English.

Koala Text: This has fantastic vocabulary activities for low level learners.

Good social media links to follow:

Facebook: English Worksheets: This page often posts free E-books and useful materials.


Learn English Parents

ESOL Strategy:

English My Way:

ESOL Courses:


Action For ESOL:

ODILS Plymouth:


Refugee/Asylum Seeker organizations:

Refugee Action:


Detention Action:

Refugee Council:

Red Cross:

Refugee Week:


Level 1- Activities to practice at home:

English File Intermediate (3rd Edition) online: Lots of grammar, vocabulary activities, reading and games.

Breaking News English- online reading activities (choose Level 4 and above)

English Current Lots of grammar and idiom activities.

ESOL Nexus (choose L1/ National 4 material) Lots of good videos, reading texts, grammar and vocabulary study activities.

British Council Learn English website Reading, writing, speaking and listening practice.

ESOL Courses (choose intermediate) Lots of listening and video activities with quizzes and games. Also material on the citizenship tests and British culture. Online grammar and vocabulary games. Free listening activities on a wide range of topics. 5 minute reading activities and questions. Speaking discussion questions.


Other resources:
TV: This is great for reading news stories, watching short news videos and for listening practice. If you have a UK TV License, you can watch TV Programs for free on BBC I-player. Watch TV programs for free here. Watch free TV programs here (you might need to make an account).


Radio 1 and 2 good for music
Radio 3- classical music
Radio 4- news, stories, documentaries, dramas etc.
Radio 5- good for sport
BBC Scotland- local news.

YouTube/Online videos:
Anglophilia This is a good channel about Britain and British culture.

TED Talks This is really good for listening to presentations and seeing good presentation skills.


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