Your Interview

Make a good first impression

Make an effort to be there on time, be well presented, look organised – bring your interview letter with you, bring along copies of your qualifications and some ID, as well as anything else you have been ask to bring. You can even bring along examples of work to demonstrate your skills.

Do this well and you have provided evidence of a well prepared, thoughtful and organised person – an ideal student!

Positive body language

Did you know 75% of our communication is non-verbal? To ensure your body language is positive, greet your interviewer with a smile, establish good eye contact, show you are listening to questions, sit up in your seat (don’t slouch) and try not to fidget.

Do your research

Ideally you want to show that you have done some research and you are aware of what the course involves. Have a look on the College website and note down any questions you have about the course itself, or about support you can access or what facilities are available on the campus. Visit our Career Coach page and find out more about the careers you are interested in.

Match your skills, experience or interests with the course

If you have done your research well, you will have an idea of the type of skills or interests the interviewer is looking for. When answering questions, try to match these with your abilities and include these in your answers.

What will you be asked?

Think about possible questions you will be asked and prepare answers. Think of some examples that will help you demonstrate your enthusiasm, knowledge or experience.


Prepare questions for the interviewer

Usually at the end of an interview you will be asked – is there anything you would like to ask? This is a great opportunity to cover information that has not been discussed. Write down some questions beforehand and take them along with you. Remember it’s important that you find out if this is the right course for what you want to do in your career, and that the course suits how you like to learn.

Here are some suggestions of questions you could ask:

What have previous students done after they left College?

Which university courses can I progress onto after this course?

What jobs can people with this qualification apply for?

Can you give me examples of what I will be doing on the course? (e.g are there practical activities on the course? Is there a work placement? Do we go on any trips or visits?)

What skills will I be learning?

What are the things that make this college a great place to study (your course name)?

What makes a successful (course name) student?

Where opportunities are there to engage with employers?

What are the next steps in my College application process?


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