Young Person's Guarantee

The Young Person’s Guarantee is about connecting young people to opportunities

The 'Young Person Guarantee – No One Left Behind' Report sets out an ambitious plan to support all Scotland’s young people to have a bright and prosperous future.

The Young Person’s Guarantee offers all young people the opportunity of:

  • An apprenticeship
  • Fair employment including work experience 
  • Participating in a formal volunteering programme
  • Training
  • Going to university or college

You’ll be connected to opportunities and signposted to people and information that can help depending on the route that’s right for you. 

John Stewart from SSE explains why he is supporting the Young Person Guarantee

Listen to Sandy Begbie, author of Young Person’s Guarantee – No One Left Behind talk about why he supports the Guarantee

If you're an employer, we'll give you the resources and support to develop and build your workforce with young talent.

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Young Person's Guarantee - FAQs

What is your “Guarantee” to me?

During these difficult times for the economy, we are committed to helping young people stay connected to work. As someone aged between 16-24, the Scottish Government, in partnership with other publicly funded services and employers are committed to guaranteeing you support to get into employment, through a place in education, training, an apprenticeship, volunteering or other formal support programmes.

Is this just for unemployed young people?

The Guarantee is primarily aimed at those out of work, but support is also in place across Scotland, as part of the Young Person’s Guarantee, to help people in school, college or university chose their next step as well as support directed at young people currently looking for training, apprenticeships, employment or volunteering opportunities.

Who is running the Guarantee and how do I contact them?

The Guarantee is delivered by a number of publicly funded services across Scotland, including local authorities, Skills Development Scotland, colleges and universities. For more information on what help is available visit

I have spoken to lots of organisations before, what is different about this?

The intention behind the Young Person’s Guarantee is to provide young people with seamless and joined up support. Each organisation you work with should help you make progress on your journey to your future job and help you understand where relevant job opportunities may be. Your experience should be that whichever organisation you speak to they should be able to provide you with the support you need, or help you find it.

I apply for jobs all the time and can’t seem to get one. How can the Guarantee help me?

Across Scotland employers are signing up to support young people through the Guarantee in a variety of ways. Some are offering to support young people in schools, others are working with employability services to help prepare people for work and many are offering apprenticeship, training, and employment opportunities in their businesses as part of the Guarantee. Visit to find out what opportunities are available to you.

There are no jobs available, how can you make this Guarantee?

The Scottish Government is working with employers across the country to support our economic recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic and as the economy recovers, we are looking to work with employers to create more jobs, particularly for young people.

For those unable to find work immediately we want to provide opportunities in education, training, formal volunteering or other forms of employment support so that you have the skills and confidence to move into work as more opportunities arise.

I have a disability; can I get support from the Young Person Guarantee?

Yes. The Young Person’s Guarantee is open to all young people aged 16-24 in Scotland. Support will be tailored to your individual needs by the organisation you work with. Support for young disabled people who are looking for work is also available through Fair Start Scotland.

I have caring responsibilities, can I participate in the Guarantee?

Yes. The Young Person’s Guarantee is open to all young people aged 16-24 in Scotland, including those with caring responsibilities. Support will be tailored to your individual needs by the organisation you work with. An important part of this is ensuring that employers and others are supported to provide flexible working practices when offering an opportunity.

How will you make sure that the Guarantee works for everyone?

Tackling inequalities must be the defining hallmark of this Guarantee. We want all of our young people to benefit from the opportunities on offer from a Guarantee which embeds an equality and human rights approach into its delivery. We are working with all our delivery partners and equality groups to ensure that tackling in equalities is part of the offer for the Guarantee.

What if I don’t know what I want to do?

Transferable skills are going to be an important part of the economy going forward and every experience brings huge amounts of value. What is important is that you invest the time now to gain experience and skills that will stand you in good stead for the future. The Guarantee can help you do this by showing you the wide range of different support options on offer.

How can I make sure the subjects I pick in school will actually help me?

By gaining work experience opportunities you can get an understanding of the core skills needed to enter the labour market and particularly that sector. This can be done in a range of ways including virtually through platforms like DYW and My World of Work

I’m interested in an Apprenticeship, where do I start?

Skills Development Scotland Careers Advisers are available to discuss Apprenticeship opportunities over the phone on 0800 917 8000 or online. 

Further advice and guidance can be accessed on the website My World of Work:, including skills tools and employment support. Should you wish to explore other learning and skills, SDS have launched an Online Learning Portal connecting people with free-to-access online learning materials.

Additionally, through our Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) offer, we have developed e-DYW which helps connect employers, educators and young people through online tools and resources.

I’m worried I won’t be able to finish my apprenticeship and get my qualification. What should I do? 

We are working with SQA and other awarding bodies to support their guidance for apprentices and learning providers to ensure that the effects of disruption are minimised during COVID-19 and that, wherever possible, apprentices and learners are not negatively impacted in the long term.

SQA are posting frequent updates for learners on their website.

Skills Development Scotland and your learning providers will update with further information specific to apprenticeships as and when available.

I’m not able to complete my apprenticeship because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Will I be able to complete it at a later date?

Depending on your apprenticeship and learning provider, you may be able to complete your learning online/ digitally. This should be discussed with your learning provider and employer to see if this option is available to you.

Where apprentices are unable to participate in learning online/ digitally or by other methods in line with the assessment strategy, they will be able to resume their learning once back in the workplace.

I have been made redundant by my employer while undertaking an Apprenticeship, how can I complete my Apprenticeship?

Apprentices undertaking Scottish MA or GA frameworks who are made redundant may be helped to complete their Apprenticeship through our Adopt an Apprentice scheme. This scheme offers a financial incentive which helps employers cover the wage and recruitment costs of taking on an apprentice who has been made redundant from another employer. It should be used to support an apprentice with employment for a minimum of 12 months.

The financial incentive is £5,000 and is available for Modern Apprenticeships and Graduate Apprenticeships.

I’m interested in volunteering, where can I find out more?

National organisations such as Volunteer Scotland provide a range of support to enable people to access volunteering opportunities. Search for volunteering opportunities .

There are over 60 local volunteering offices operating across Scotland which can provide support and guidance, and they also advertise local volunteering opportunities.

Project Scotland provide support and mentoring to young people to enable them to access volunteering opportunities. Further information can be found

Is there any support to write CVs, personal statements and application forms?

Yes. Skills Development Scotland can provide you with support on writing CV’s, application forms, and interview techniques. SDS have a Customer Contact Centre which supports customers of all ages, who live anywhere in Scotland, and can be contacted by phone on 0800 917 8000 and can be found online (

In addition, Developing the Young Workforce Networks may be able to provide you with support:

I’ve been out of education and work for a few years. How do I access training that will help me find a job?

There are a range of places that you can visit to access training. This includes SDS Contact Centres, SDS helpline and . Your local Jobcentre Plus will also be able to support you in your journey towards work and can sign post you to support such as Fair Start Scotland.

How can I get the experience I need to get a job?

There are various options that you can choose in order to gain more experience. This includes:

  • Work placements through routes such as the DWP’s Kickstart Scheme,
  • Short term work experience with Employers,
  • Local Authority Graduate Programmes,
  • Volunteering in a community setting,
  • Internships,
  • Supported employment for those who require additional support gaining access to the labour market.

How long will I have to wait before I find out if I have been successful?

Each intervention will have different timescales, depending on what you are applying for, but each organisation involved in the delivery of the Guarantee understands the importance of coming back to you quickly.

Will I receive feedback on any applications I complete?

Where this would be applicable you should ask for feedback.

What happens after my placement ends?

This would depend on what offer or opportunity you access through the Guarantee. Most parts of the Guarantee will signal at the start how long the support will last. Key workers in local authorities, Skills Development Scotland, or Jobcentre Work Coaches should then be able to advise you on your next steps.

I live in a rural location, will there be opportunities near where I live and is there any support available?

Yes. The Guarantee will cover all of Scotland and all Local Authorities are involved in its delivery.

Depending on what part of the Guarantee you are looking to do there will be a range of advice.

How do I cover the additional costs of starting a job?

If you are starting a new job The Job Start Payment is a new benefit to help you with the costs that may be associated with that.

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