Foundation Apprentice Summer Placement - Kira's story

August 5, 2019 - Katie Ralston

It’s that time of year again, when the Engineering Foundation Apprentices have finished year 1 of their course, and start their summer placement.

The placement involves two weeks working at a local engineering company, where they get the opportunity to experience the different types of jobs and routes available in their chosen industry.

We caught up with one of the Foundation Apprentices who selected NPI Solutions for their summer placement.


Kira Douglas

Irvine Royal Academy


Kira (small).JPG
Kira Douglas

I chose the Foundation Apprenticeship because I want to work in mechanical engineering in the future.

I have enjoyed the first year of the course, although it’s wasn’t entirely what I expected. I thought there would be a bit less theory, as I am a more practical learner. It is a good course though and I really liked the soldering and circuits units.

I am grateful that I have got to come to College. I think I will be able to adjust better after I leave school. I feel that now that I have been to College I am a step ahead and can focus on my career goals. 

During the first week of my placement I got to see the whole process from the order coming in, to the product being created. I shadowed the team making the product and watched it being soldered and then polished for completion. I have been in both machining and fabrication areas of the company. I am in the process of making a key ring this week. I designed it on CAD and will be laser printing it. 

I had never thought about this side of engineering, I have learnt a lot about the opportunities out there.

I definitely want to work in the engineering sector. I am waiting to see what other qualifications I gain from school, before I decide whether I want to come to College or go to University. I would also consider a Modern Apprenticeship, somewhere like NPI Solutions.


Kevin Priestley, Managing Director at NPI Solutions, commented “NPI Solutions have a desire to be involved within the community that live local to our facility. Individual companies have a social responsibility to give back something beyond employment. The Foundation Apprenticeship work placements gives us an ideal chance to give young up and coming talent the opportunity to experience life at a manufacturing company. This can hopefully give some insight on what to expect when the training ends and working life begins. These are big choices of direction that have long lasting consequences. If we can help students make a more informed choice on the correct path for them to follow then we have contributed something positive to the outcome.”

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