Foundation Apprentices Summer Placements - Laura and Becky's Story

August 1, 2019 - Katie Ralston

It’s that time of year again, when the Engineering Foundation Apprentices have finished year 1 of their course, and start their summer placement.

The placement involves two weeks working at a local engineering company, where they get the opportunity to experience the different types of jobs and routes available in their chosen industry.

We caught up with some of the FA’s who selected EGGER for their summer placement.


Laura Montgomery

Cumnock Academy

I chose to study the Foundation Apprenticeship because I want to work in engineering and I think it will be a good way for me to kick start it.

I have enjoyed the first year of the course. I liked meeting new people from other schools and being able to study engineering.

My work placement has been great, I really like it at EGGER. I have worked in mechanical fitting, then in the garage, and then into electrical fitting. I am now in the machine shop for the rest of the week. I liked the machines in the mechanical fitting shop and getting to repair the forklifts and the lorries in the garage. I even ended up on top of the silos fixing anything electrical that needed repairs. It’s been a hands on experience which I have liked.

I am not too sure what I want to do when I leave school. I like going to College but I prefer working in EGGER. I will definitely be doing engineering that much I do know.

Laura Montgomery (twitter).JPG
Laura Montgomery

Becky McCallum

Cumnock Academy

I chose the course because I did the Performing Engineering Operations (Level 4) course the year before and really enjoyed that. I decided to continue down this path, and felt the course would be the next step.

I enjoyed the first year of the course, the lecturers were great and really treated us like adults. I particularly liked the metal work units. The maths element was more challenging but manageable. 

On placement I have been in the machine workshop, and then went to welding and mechanical fitting, and now I am in electrical fitting. I really enjoyed the welding part; I ended up going through 20 pieces of metal because I just kept going and got really quite good at it. It has been a lot of hands on work, especially in machining where we got to use the lathe and the milling machines.

I am planning to look into Modern Apprenticeships when I leave school. I think I would really like to work here at EGGER, it has everything, so it would be a great opportunity for me to learn a lot.

Becky (twitter).JPG
Becky McCallum

Katrina McEwan, Human Resources Adviser at EGGER commented, “We are delighted to support the Foundation Apprenticeship work placements.  These placements provide the opportunity for young people to develop practical skills and knowledge within the workplace, ready to take the next step into their chosen career.  As the employer, the placements also provide the first opportunity for us to engage with potential applicants for our Modern Apprenticeship programme here at EGGER (UK) Limited.”


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