Aidan tells us how the ILM Award helped with his career!

January 9, 2021 - Emma McIlvanney

“Prior to studying the ILM course I was working as a Documentation Support Technician at GE Aviation Caledonian. The qualification has really benefitted me within my career. On completion, I was promoted to Apprentice Coordinator and I'm now responsible for coaching, mentoring and guiding our 52 Modern Apprentices through their apprenticeship journey."

Aidan McIntyre also leads the Foundation Apprenticeship work experience programme which GE support for Ayrshire College Foundation Apprentices. He's here to tell us how the ILM qualification helped him in his journey.


Why did you chose to study the course?

“My professional development is something that drives me every day. I was beginning to assume more leadership duties within my role and my personal development plan included one day leading the GE Caledonian apprenticeship program. I felt the course would complement this and prepare me perfectly for the future.

I had no concerns about coming to college, as I was a student here throughout my four year apprenticeship. I always felt comfortable in the learning environment with their modern facilities and technology. I also had well-established relationships with some of the staff, who I knew I could count on for support.”


What did the course involve?

“I attended college one night per week for one year. I studied various leadership and management modules which were delivered in a fun and interactive manner. Group tasks helped spark interesting discussions and allowed us to share opinions and experiences.

There was an assessment at the end of each unit, which we completed in our own time. Assessment scoring was in-depth, and actionable, constructive feedback was provided.  

The support given by the lecturer, John Harman, was crucial. He made himself readily available to answer questions, and offered guidance and substance to my queries.”


What did you enjoy about the course?

“I’ve always been fascinated with great leaders and techniques used to drive positive results. I enjoyed studying subjects that I hadn’t covered before.

The highlight of my time was undoubtedly learning alongside other leaders from a variety of different industries. Interacting with other professionals from contrasting backgrounds meant we could tap into each other’s experiences and relate them back our own development. This was amazing and really challenged my way of thinking.

Every week I looked forward to class and the friendly atmosphere that the students and lecturer had created.”


What did you gain from the course?

"The course took my confidence to another level. On completion, I felt empowered to implement the range of key management skills I’d gained within the workplace.

It also enhanced my existing skills, such as my ability to communicate effectively within a group and my ability to solve problems and implement solutions.

Some of the more experienced people in the class provided real insights - giving me a ‘heads up’ into certain situations that I may also face one day.”


What are your plans for the future?

“The skills and knowledge I developed on this course have given me a strong foundation. These, along with my workplace development, will make me more attractive for further progression down the line.

Ayrshire College support their students fully and I would wholeheartedly recommend studying here. Some of my best days in my career so far have been thanks to the College. From passing HNC and ILM courses, to supporting their inspiring STEM programmes such as Mission Discovery and Lego League.

I intend to continue my professional development by completing a Graduate Apprenticeship in Business Management. I’ve also enquired about becoming accredited to deliver the ILM Diploma in Leadership and Management.

No matter what role I find myself in, I will always maintain my passion for mentoring the engineers and leaders of the future.”


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