Now's the time to look at your leadership skills!

January 20, 2021 - Emma McIlvanney

The COVID crisis has been the ultimate test of leadership and management. There's never been a better time for businesses to look at the way they do things and ask themselves 'how can we improve?'

Our ILM Award can help leaders and managers boost their skills to build adaptable, resilient, successful teams. We caught up with Trainer, John Harman to find out more...


Why should someone choose this course?

"It’s a gateway to new opportunities and could make a massive difference to your future.

It’s designed to develop the skills required by those in, or aspiring to be in, leadership and managerial positions.

For some, it’s a real eye-opener to the world of leadership and management. Others realise that personal growth is becoming essential in this fast moving world.

Nowadays employees are expected to be more agile, and it’s important to broaden your skillset so that you can easily adapt to changes in your role, or move into different roles in the future.

Plus, self-development and continuous improvement are always viewed desirably by employers and will help future career progression."


What does the course involve?

"It’s made up of 3 units - Understanding Leadership, Developing Self and Others and Problem Solving and Decision Making.

Candidates are encouraged to relate learning to their own experiences and practices. They listen to others, present their own views, then put what they’ve learned into action – transferring new knowledge into workplace practice."


What skills will students gain from the course?

"Communication, analytical and problem solving skills will improve. These are key for those who have a desire to manage and lead.

You’ll develop a greater understanding of the complex needs of individuals and teams – learning how to develop and motivate them.

You’ll explore leadership styles and behaviours, and factors that may influence them, so you’ll be better equipped to lead a physical, remote or virtual team.

This range of skills will make you a valuable resource, either within your own organisation, or to a prospective employer."


What type of careers/jobs can the course lead to?

"Start here, go anywhere!

The course is ideal for first level managers, supervisors and team leaders, but suitable really for anyone wishing to develop their leadership, team building and problem solving skills.

It has helped many gain promotion and has given others the confidence to pursue more senior positions in other organisations."


What support is available to students?

"We’re here to guide, support and help you get to where you want to be in life. I always encourage students to seek assistance as and when required, and I am happy to help.

You’ll receive full access to all resources and course materials via MyLearning (our electronic learning portal) which, as well as tutor support, includes access to Office 365.

If students identify any additional support needs, we can implement robust measures to support them throughout the course."


What do you enjoy most about teaching the course?

"One the best things about this course is that students can immediately put what they’ve learned into practice in the workplace. Many identify ways to apply their learning and implement new or different approaches, as soon as lessons are over.

I really enjoy interacting with the class, especially seeing that ‘lightbulb moment’ when what I’ve been teaching really clicks with an individual or, even better, the group!

It’s great to watch students grow in confidence and extremely rewarding to find out that they’ve gained a promotion, or hear that successes at work have been helped by the skills they learned on the course."


What advice would you give to anyone thinking of studying this course?

"A big part of this course is sharing ideas and best practice, so be willing to listen to the views of others and prepared to volunteer your own opinions.

The more you put into the course, in terms of commitment and contribution in class, the more you will take away from it."


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