Iwona Grzesikiewicz - Professional Cookery

February 2, 2022 - Emma McIlvanney

Meet Iwona Grzesikiewicz. Our Professional Cookery courses have helped her to secure a job at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow. She's gaining the knowledge and developing the skills she needs to follow her dream of opening a restaurant of her own!

"I've always loved cooking. As a teenager, I tried to enter the Higher Cooking School in Poland but unfortunately I lacked the relevant work experience. Before coming to college I would cook for family and friends, prepare birthday parties, Christmas and other events – it was a pleasure for me.

When I moved to Scotland, I started learning English at Kilwinning Campus. One day my teacher asked me what my dream was, and I said to open a small restaurant with delicious homemade food. They suggested that I apply for the Professional Cookery course…so I did!

I was worried I was too old to come to College but, despite the age difference between me and some of the other students, I feel at ease. I completed Level 4 Professional Cookery and I’m now studying Level 5. I work part time at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow as Commis Chef. It was the knowledge and experience I gained at College that allowed me to secure the job. Next year I’ll progress to Level 6 and be one step closer to making my dream come true.

College has allowed me to develop a real professional knowledge of what I love to do. We prepare and cook quality food in the training kitchens and serve to customers in the College’s Salt & Barrel restaurant. The cooking classes are my favourite – they are very interesting and the results come in the form of beautiful, tasty dishes.

But we don’t just learn to cook. The courses cover communication, teamwork, hospitality laws and health and safety in the kitchen. The training I completed in food hygiene and food allergy and intolerance has given me much more confidence when preparing food. We also develop skills to help start our own business.

If you love to cook and would like to do it professionally, these courses are perfect for you. Don’t be afraid, don’t stress – the atmosphere here is very friendly, almost home-like. You’ll get support from teachers who are lovely and patient – they give you as much time as you need, and the students all help each other too. It may sound strange, but I love this place."

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