Meet Carole Westcott, former HNC Construction Management student

January 31, 2022 -

What was the best part about studying at Ayrshire College?

The best part about studying at Ayrshire College was the laid-back atmosphere,  but at the same time being professional, helpful and approachable. Everyone I dealt with was lovely.  

Why did you choose Ayrshire College compared to other colleges?

I chose Ayrshire College for its reputation and the convenient location, as I live locally. I felt fortunate to have the facility near-by and I wouldn’t have a long commute.

What is the most valuable thing you learned while studying at Ayrshire College?

The most valuable thing I learned during my time at Ayrshire College was to believe in myself. Corny, but true! You won’t get anywhere if you don’t try. I doubted myself but flung myself in head first and ended up achieving two sponsored Student of the Year awards!

What is the best advice you would give to someone considering studying the course you studied, or considering applying for a role in your industry?

HNC Construction Management is a fantastic basis on which to grow your career in the Built Environment. The all-round insight – from classroom to on-site experience was invaluable. I’d recommend that course, and at this college – Ayr.

What are the main attractions of working in your industry?

The main attraction of working in my industry is the variety on offer. You get to speak with all sorts of characters and see all kinds of projects – small domestic to large non-domestic builds.

What opportunities are there for entry level posts in your business? What is the job market like – is it buoyant? Or difficult to recruit?

Building Standards is an area that is seeking to attract newcomers as we’ve lost so many great Surveyors to retirement recently, leaving gaps and opportunities.

What personal qualities and skills are you looking for from apprentices or applicants for jobs in your company?

People with can-do attitudes, who work well on their own with minimal supervision will get on well.

What are the current challenges / changes in your sector right now?

There is a skills shortage in general, meaning that whilst positions are available, getting the right candidate to fill them is difficult.

What are you doing to encourage more girls into employment in your sector?

I talk about my job to anyone who’ll listen! I’m proud and I enjoy my role. Being female in a typically male environment can have its advantages as we deal with some things in a slightly different way.

What is next for you?

At the moment, I am in an Acting role, but I hope the “Acting” title will be dropped soon!  


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