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How to complete your application form for a course at Ayrshire College

Log in or Register? If you have applied to this College before - you will have already set up an account with us, so choose - Log in and enter your email and password. If you have forgotten your password – click, Forgotten Password. After a few minutes you will be sent a password reminder.

If this is your first application for a course at Ayrshire College – choose Register. Complete your personal details.

You will then see a screen called My Basket – please arrange your course selections into 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice.

Your application form is the first impression we will have of you. Make sure you take your time and check over your spelling and grammar.

Complete as much of the application form as you can. Not everyone gets an interview for their course, so in some cases we will be making decisions about offering you a place based on the information you provide in your application form.

You will be guided through the following sections:

Personal Details

Further details - If you have any physical or other disability, or medical condition that might necessitate special arrangements please let us know in your application.

 My qualifications – have your “Record of Achievement” (listing your SQA qualifications) to hand to help you complete this section.

Personal Statement

The on-line application will time out, however, whatever you have entered will be saved and you can return to this form to complete it. A handy tip is to create your personal statement on a Word document, and then copy and paste into the personal statement section of the application form. You have a word limit of 400 words.

Make yourself stand out from other people that apply. It will be helpful to structure your answer as follows:

Tell us why you want to study at Ayrshire College

E.g I can travel to College easily as it is close to where I live. I visited the College on a taster day and I was impressed with all the great facilities. It is a great place for me to start my engineering career.

Say why have you chosen this particular course Show your enthusiasm for this subject area – tell us how this interest has developed.

E.g I have always been good at maths, I am interested in finding out how things work and I love solving problems. When I was in 4th year at school, I did a week of work experience at GE Caledonian and I enjoyed learning about this organisation and the various jobs you can do. My mum is an engineer and she has inspired me. There are many job opportunities for people with engineering qualifications. Engineers have well-paid jobs and get the chance to travel the world.

Say why you think you are suitable for this course? Find out as much as you can about the course, match your skills, and experience to what we are looking for. How did you get these skills?

E.g I work in a local cycle shop fixing old bikes and building new bikes for customers. I am a quick learner and I am good with my hands. I enjoy finding out what the problem with the bike is, and then being able to fix it. It is great when the customer goes away happy and I have been the one to help them.

State why you think your current study or work experience is relevant to this course

e.g I am studying maths and physics and product design, which will help me on this engineering course. My part time work will help me understand the importance of knowing what customers need so that I can help improve the design of products or systems.

What are your career ambitions?

e.g After my College course, I would like to move onto university and get a degree in Aircraft Engineering. I am interested in computer-aided design, and would like a job as an aircraft designer.

What interests and hobbies do you have? Add these if they are relevant to your application

I enjoy being on the computer; designing and playing games. I love to travel, and I am excited about the thought that one day I could be the person who designs an aircraft that takes people across the world. I am a member of the Young Engineers Club and I have won a prize for the best aircraft seat design to improve the comfort of people travelling with children.

Next you will be given a summary of all the information you have provided. Please check it over for accuracy and submit. You will receive a message to let you know your application is complete. Please check your email for further messages about your application.


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