A carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support.



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Carers and Young Carers

Statement of Intent

At Ayrshire College we will:

  • Provide a learning environment that is rewarding and ensures equal opportunities to Student Carers
  • Recognises and values the voices and experiences of Student Carers.
  • Recognises the contribution Student Carers can make to the College by including them in the development of policies and practice to ensure an inclusive environment.
  • Recognise the unique challenges and barriers that Student Carers may face due to their unpaid caring responsibilities; as well as balancing these commitments with study
  • Provide support to identify and support Student Carers throughout their learner journey
  • Protect the right of Student Carers to make informed decisions/choices regarding their studies in relation to their unpaid caring responsibilities
  • Demonstrate a non-judgemental, flexible, person-centred and sensitive approach in identifying, supporting and reporting on Student Carers
  • Adopt the Carers Trust Scotland’s definition of a carer/student carer.

 View our new Carers and Young Carers pdf by clicking here.


The college is aware that student carers can face additional challenges in balancing their caring responsibilities with the demands of their course. Our Student Services Advisors can help you to decide on your course, plan a visit, make an application and help you to sort out your funding. They can refer you to internal support services such as counselling and Inclusive Learning. Advisors can advise on signposting to external support organisations such as Citizen Advice Bureau, Money Advice Scotland and local Carers Centres who can provide advice of support including breaks from caring responsibilities. 

  • South Ayrshire
  • North Ayrshire
  • East Ayrshire


Carers Centres

East Ayrshire Carers Centre

The aim of East Ayrshire Carers Centre is to create a carer led service by placing carers at the heart of the organisations and ensuring that services are effective and accessible to all carers regardless of location (rural or urban), personal circumstances or their caring situation.

7 Bank Street

T: 01563 571 533
E: admin@eastayrshirecarers.org.uk


South Ayrshire Carers Centre

Unity Carer Centre offers specialist information, support advocacy and advice for unpaid carers living in South Ayrshire. They also offer respite, health and wellbeing services, social activities and peer support.

43 Sandgate

T: 01292 263000
E: southayrshire.carers@unity-enterprise.com


North Ayrshire Carers Centre

Unity Carer Centre offers specialist information, support advocacy and advice for unpaid carers living in South Ayrshire. They also offer respite, health and wellbeing services, social activities and peer support.

174 High Street
KA12 8AN

T: 01294 311 333
E: northayrshire.carers@unity-enterprise.com

Funding Support

If you are undertaking a full-time course in the college, you are not eligible for carer’s allowance. The Student Services Team can help you apply for additional funding such as our discretionary fund to help while you study.

Please click this link to see the funding information.   

Young Carers Package

The Young Carers Package is a special bundle of treats available to all young carers, aged 11 to 18 inclusive in Scotland. It's filled with special treats to help you make the most of your free time and support you in your caring role. Best of all, it's completely free!

Get your Young Carers Package

Young Carer Grant

Scottish Government have launched a new yearly grant for young carers aged 16,17 and 18. This grant is a yearly one-off payment of £300 for young people who care for someone for an average of 16 hours per week, and you can apply for it every year until you turn 19. More information is available on the Scottish Government website

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

Our Student Experience Team can provide you with pastoral support, including access to our counselling service.  Your Advisor can schedule a one to one meeting in order to provide the support best suited to you. 

We also have named contacts so you know who to contact for help — but don't forget to tell us you're a Carer on your application so we can contact you. There are lots of ways we can support you while you’re at College, but we’ll work with you to make a personalised plan and support you based on your carer statement. 

This link will take you to our Wellbeing Hub* which offers support in the form of information in addition to several helpful Apps.  


*This link will only work for students of Ayrshire College 


Named Contacts


  • John Frew (Ayr) 01294 555325
  • Teri Evans (Kilmarnock) 01294 555325
  • Sylvia Marshall (Kilwinning) 01294 555325
  • Email: Inclusive Learning - SE@ayrshire.ac.uk

Student Association 

Ayrshire College Student Association is currently developing support networks for those students who have caring responsibilities. The Student President and Vice President are happy to meet with students across all campuses to chat about issues and concerns.


There is a Student Carers’ Group on Teams and the link is:

Student Carers' Microsoft Teams Group

This group brings student carers together to provide support, information, to represent student carers and work with the College to improve the learning experience for all student carers.

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