Ayrshire College student enterprising in education

April 13, 2021 - Jane Moore

Early Learning and Childcare (Level 6) student, Elizabeth Gill, didn't see herself working in Early Years initially, and had been studying a History of Art degree at Aberdeen University. It wasn’t until she got a job teaching English at a bi-lingual school in Madrid for a few months, that she realised that an Early Years career was for her. 

Now, she's planning to study in Spain this October.

We asked Elizabeth about the benefits of studying Early Years at Ayrshire College.

"The Early Learning and Childcare course at Ayrshire College has been so interesting. We studied a lot about communication, playing with children, and their developmental needs which has been really useful. We also looked at things like safeguarding, children’s wellbeing, as well as the legal side of working with children.

"For me, the best thing about the course has been working with lecturers who have worked in Early Years before they taught at the College, so their industry experience has been invaluable".

"I'm moving to Madrid in October to study, with the view to working in Early Years. The course I'll be doing there is ideal as it allows you to spend a certain amount of time doing the course work each week, then the other time working in a local public or private school as a Language Assistant. It will prepare me to teach different age levels and international and bi-lingual teaching. I studied French and Spanish at secondary school and Swedish at university. Since I went to Spain last year I’ve been studying Spanish with a native speaker which has been helpful.

"At the moment I’ve set up a business to help me save up the funds I’ll need to study in Spain. The business is called Reading Sloth. Reading Sloth is a proof-reading, tutoring, and advice service tailored for students and graduates.

"My goal is to work in an International school with early years children, whether that be teaching English or working with the general curriculum. To get a full-time teaching job in Spain would be my dream."

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